The Loft: Training and meeting rooms with historical significance

MARC O’POLO offers its employees a special location for trainings, workshops or larger meetings: “The Loft”. The new rooms are located in the centre of Rosenheim and have a historical significance for the company.

HR & Central Services has created a cool location for meetings entirely on its own and using only its own funds. The architecture, furnishings and city-centre location ensure a special atmosphere for training, designing and discussions away from the MARC O’POLO campus in Stephanskirchen.
The Loft is not just any location. Werner Böck, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and majority shareholder of MARC O’POLO AG, founded the label Jake*s there more than 30 years ago (Jake*s is now part of the Peek & Cloppenburg Group as a private label). MARC O’POLO team members Jutta Röder, Gabi Baumann, Betina Achtelstetter and Marianne Christlhuber were already there then and still look back on this unique place and time with fondness.
Jutta Röder: “It was a cozy atmosphere, and we were a small team. I especially remember the day we got our first fax machine. That was completely new territory for us.”
Gabi Baumann immediately remembered the joint breakfasts and the sales meetings: “Everyone brought something for breakfast together. We all sat in one room—production development, editing and design. The sales meetings were highlights. They took place in a different corner at the same time. While we were doing our work, the models ran up and down for the presentation.”
Betina Achtelstetter also likes to look back: “It was a great time and quite unusual to work in a huge loft in the middle of the city with such a modern ambience. We were like a family. Work and leisure time flowed into each other. The Italian restaurant on the ground floor below was like our canteen and the after-work meeting point.”