Brand & Product


Coinciding with the order start for the spring/summer collection 2022, Marc O’Polo presents the new menswear strategy with a focus on the future design orientation and marketing. Marc O’Polo therefore continues its consistent pursuit of its aim to become the leading modern, casual and sustainable lifestyle brand in the global premium segment. This step should also increase the brand’s appeal and share of younger customers on an international level.

This is based on the foundations of the Marc O’Polo philosophy, its Scandinavian roots and brand values as well as its strong heritage and sustainability commitment. A comprehensive brand appeal study by Skopos Research offers well-founded insights for the strategy, which builds on the interplay between product, price, marketing and distribution as a strategic success factor. Fine-tuned and integrated. Four disciplines that only lead to success when carefully balanced—which is precisely why the menswear strategy has undergone comprehensive development.

The main lever is the product and design strategy, which has been redefined, among other things, based on seven dimensions in various forms.

Advanced casual fashion. Our core, brought to a new era.
The fashion affinity of the collection and the casual core is significantly increased to generate more modernity.

An easy attitude to life. But the excess, value the essentials.
Scandinavian design and focus on the essential. Reduction of interior and exterior branding, for instance.

A new kind of “kernig”. Bold and robust, yet cool and diverse.
The characteristic complement to Scandinavian Simplicity. Cool masculinity. Used selectively and deliberately.

Signature pieces, lifted to a new level. To be loved for a lifetime.
Polo shirts, striped shirts, sweatshirts, field jackets and other iconic essentials gain more modernity, transforming them into hero products.

Confident nonchalence, crafted by nature.
The affinity to natural materials remains a core component of our brand. The range is expanded further with the aim of offering completely sustainable products.

Bold designs, made to keep up with the pace of change.
Innovation is the driver of progress and sustainability. This is also an essential topic within the framework of the ‘01 Journey – 10 Pathways’ strategy.

Functional elements for high fashion pieces with a casual core.
Details with talent. Functional elements play a key role, especially on outerwear and in special capsule collections.

Product first! The high standards of quality, materials, durability and production, coupled with an optimal price-performance ratio, remain an inherent part of the new design orientation—as does the aim to offer exclusively sustainable products by 2023 as part of our sustainability strategy.

Stationary and digital sales will be more closely coordinated in the future. The focus is on an omnichannel concept and direct-to-customer approach, paving the way for implementation and further growth, especially on an international level.

This will also be supported by the planned ‘Hero’ campaign in October, which is guaranteed to impress with a new concept, strong male focus and international reach. At the heart of the campaign lies a 90- and 20-second image film, which will be shown on TV and online video platforms, flanked by OOH in key international cities.

Other elements that play a fundamental role in the further development and modernity of the brand are the newly launched corporate design and product branding, the Scandinavian Studio store concept and the associated visual merchandising strategy.