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Stephanskirchen, February 2021. As part of its YOUR CHRISTMAS. YOUR CHOICE. Christmas initiative, MARC O'POLO is donating 50,000 euros to WWF Germany.

The MARC O’POLO Christmas Initiative 2020 – YOUR CHRISTMAS. YOUR CHOICE – was once again focused on sustainability and naturalness. Two values that have been firmly rooted in the brand DNA since the beginning. The campaign raised a total of 50,000 euros, which MARC O’POLO is using to support three environmental protection measures of WWF Germany.

Make your Gift to Mother Nature. As part of last year’s Christmas Collection, MARC O’POLO customers had the opportunity, from 16 November to 31 December, to decide online which of the three WWF projects the donation should go to. YOUR CHRISTMAS. YOUR CHOICE.

A total of 35 percent of donations, 17,500 euros, will go to the WWF Germany project “Forest Mission” to protect forests sustainably and make a contribution to the fight against illegal logging. No forest, no world. 
And additional 32.5 percent of donations, 16,250 euros, will flow into the “Stop the flood of plastic” project, which works to halt plastic waste at its source, thus reducing the danger to animals and plants in the oceans. SOS from the depths of the sea. The last 32.5 percent of donations, 16,250 euros, supports the project “Your donation for the Arctic”, to save the habitat and protected areas of polar bears. 

“We would like to say a big thank you to all of our customers for supporting our Christmas initiative, and we are very happy to make another contribution to the environment together with WWF Germany,” said Maximilian Böck, Co-CEO of MARC O’POLO AG. “The MARC O’POLO Sustainability Journey continues. Many additional commitments and projects are planned for the future as part of our sustainability strategy."

ABOUT Marc o’polo 
MARC O’POLO stands for premium contemporary modern casual wear. An international brand with Scandinavian roots, MARC O’POLO embraces an individual style that reflects the philosophy of its founders: The freedom to be yourself. With this claim and a preference for natural materials, high-quality workmanship and special details, MARC O’POLO has established itself as one of the world’s leading brands in its segment.

Founded in Stockholm in 1967, the MARC O’POLO world today comprises the collections MARC O’POLO Modern Casual, MARC O’POLO DENIM, MARC O’POLO Pure, MARC O’POLO Shoes and MARC O’POLO Accessories, as well as the license collections MARC O’POLO Bodywear, Beachwear, Eyewear, Home, Junior and Legwear. 

From its headquarters south of Munich, in Stephanskirchen, MARC O’POLO supplies 2,000 stores, retail and franchise partners internationally. MARC O’POLO is available in more than 37 countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Ireland, France, China, Poland, Russia and other East European countries. In addition, the MARC O’POLO collections are available via own online shops in 22 countries at