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Stephanskirchen - With the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, MARC O’POLO relaunches the independent collection MARC O’POLO PURE.

The modern, sophisticated lace of the Premium Modern Casual Brand is, along with the main MARC O’POLO Casual collection and the young MARC O’POLO DENIM brand, one of the three pillars of the MARC O’POLO brand architecture. 

MARC O’POLO PURE is positioned in the contemporary sector. The price range is on average 30 percent higher than that of MARC O’POLO Casual. With two pre-collection dates (June/November), four main collection dates (July/February, August/March) and two trend capsules (October/April), there are a total of eight delivery dates per year. Selected, high-quality materials meet designs with a high degree of innovation. All products are “Made in Europe”. Each product is assigned to one of the following five categories on the basis of the materials and characteristics at the heart of product development: PURE Energy, PURE Glow, PURE Sense, PURE Time and PURE Style. The approach to collection creation is new. Lifestyle themes are the focus of the collection and replace traditional seasonal concepts. The vertical share of the collection is 20 percent, which will be further expanded in the future.

“Relaunching MARC O’POLO PURE was one of my first measures,” reports Susanne Schwenger, CPO of MARC O’POLO. “Together with the team, we developed a concept that allows MARC O’POLO PURE to go new, modern and innovative into the future. Everything begins with the material. We don't compromise, and we recreate the MARC O’POLO PURE zeitgeist with great USPs.”

The Autumn/Winter 2019 collection will be presented at the GALLERY in Düsseldorf. Sales in the MARC O’POLO Showroom Düsseldorf will begin with the order start on 14.01.2019. The collection will be launched in the trade with the pre-date in June 2019. In Germany, MARC O’POLO PURE will be sold exclusively via the showroom in Düsseldorf, and for Austria and Switzerland via the distribution partners Mairinger in Salzburg and Bollag-Guggenheim in Zurich, in order to provide focused support in line with the premium orientation. “We also see great sales potential in Europe and Asia in the future,” says Susanne Schwenger.