MARC O’POLO is encouraging employees to engage in volunteer work during their period of enforced free time

Stephanskirchen 9. April 2020. Many social institutions and the regional economy are lacking helping hands during this coronavirus emergency, whether for driving and delivery services or in the agricultural sector. MARC O’POLO AG has therefore established a platform where institutions can post requests for help and where employees who are keen to offer assistance can respond.

“Social responsibility and social engagement have always been an integral part of MARC O’POLO's DNA, and are more important than ever at this time. Our employees have repeatedly expressed the wish to make an active, voluntary contribution during the short working hours, and we responded immediately,” says Behija Karup, Director HR & Central Services at MARC O’POLO AG. “As a company, we are happy to make a valuable contribution, and temporary free working hours can therefore be used to tackle the challenges of the crisis together.”

Social organisations, companies and the agricultural sector can use the MARC O’POLO site to submit their current staffing requirements, and the requests will then be listed on MARC O’POLO’s busy Intranet marketplace. Employees are then free to decide if and who they would like to help.