MARC O’POLO establishes a new division, “Sustainable Materials Innovation”: Simone Sommer assumes managing role

Stephanskirchen, 3. November 2020. As part of its holistic sustainability strategy, one of MARC O’POLO’s central objectives is to offer sustainable products exclusively from 2023 onwards. The right choice and procurement of materials is of particular importance in this respect. As part of its effort, MARC O’POLO is establishing a new “Sustainable Materials Innovation” unit. Simone Sommer, who was previously responsible for MARC O’POLO Pure, will be responsible for setting up and managing the division.

The focus of the new division is on sourcing and support for innovative and sustainable materials before and during collection development. The field of activity will be supplemented by trend scouting in the area of Material Fashion Concepts as well as by support in setting up communication tools and processes within MARC O’POLO.

“With this new division, we want to further advance our pioneering role in the field of sustainability. In accordance with our credo “It all starts with the material”, we are giving innovations in this field an operational home,” says Susanne Schwenger, CPO of MARC O’POLO AG. “We are particularly pleased to have Simone Sommer as Head of the Sustainable Materials & Innovation Division. Due to her previous employment at MARC O’POLO Pure, she is very familiar with our approach to sustainability and with our processes. In addition, she has many years of experience in the Contemporary segment, where high-quality and sustainable materials are particularly important.

In her new position, Ms Sommer reports directly to CPO Susanne Schwenger. Ms. Sommer has been with MARC O’POLO since September 2019 and was previously responsible for MARC O’Polo Pure and the Vertical Department. Her career is distinguished by positions at SET Fashion, Balenciaga, Maison Martin Margiela, Bless and JOOP!