Stephanskirchen, 13. Juli 2021 – With the start of the Fall/Winter 2021 season, MARC O’POLO launches a new corporate design and product branding in July. The logo, monogram, typography, colours and labelling were revised and relaunched with the Wiegand von Hartmann agency. The new corporate design and product branding, a fundamental component of the brand strategy, aims to further enhance the appeal and modernity of the brand in order to generate additional growth, especially in the international market.

Bold Modernity: From Heritage to Future. The new corporate design and product branding are based on the brand values and Scandinavian heritage of MARC O’POLO, as well as on the brand’s overarching sustainability approach. Alongside the visual and conceptual development, the focus is on the design and structure. This ensures maximum consistency across all brands while providing sufficient differentiation though colours, visual language and monograms. Clear, uniform and reduced, the new brand identity appears at all touchpoints, from communication to store design to members programme, online shop and product branding.

The new logo captivates with its compactness. The subline embodies the brand’s roots and design direction: EST. IN STOCKHOLM. The monogram remains reduced to three letters. That familiar wink, the legendary MARC O’POLO apostrophe, has been added to the new version. More modern. More clear. More complete. Scandinavian simplicity reveals itself through straight lines and generosity. The square replaces the circle. 

The house typefaces, MO’P Gothic and MO’P Serif, were created in collaboration with the Office for Typography in Lausanne. The colour palette retains the signature ‘MO’P Grey’, with black and off-white completing the standard range. “Sustainable Green”, a pastel shade of green, indicates the focus on sustainability. Secondary colours, including orange and purple, are used for promotions such as general sales and Members Sales.

The new product branding supports a luxury approach. The women’s labelling features black typography on off-white. The men’s remains in off-white on “MO’P Grey”. Artwork, prints and exterior branding have all receive,d updates, as have buttons, zippers and similar items. From Heritage to Future.