Facts & Figures.

Based in Stephanskirchen, south of Munich, MARC O’POLO AG is the strategic and operational headquarters of the MARC O’POLO premium modern casual brand. 



Corporate structure.

MARC O’POLO, the company, is divided into various subsidiaries, both domestically and abroad, all united under the umbrella of the parent company, MARC O’POLO AG:

At the headquarters in Stephanskirchen, MARC O’POLO International GmbH is responsible for design, production and sales.

MARC O’POLO Einzelhandels GmbH manages the operation of the brand’s own stores and the online shop in numerous European countries.

Two other companies, MARC O’POLO Shoes GmbH and MARC O’POLO Accessories GmbH, are responsible for the design, purchase, and sales of shoes, bags and other small leather goods. 

DENIM & CAMPUS GmbH controls the products of the MARC O’POLO DENIM brand.

MARC O’POLO License AG is responsible for the marketing and the licensing business of the MARC O’POLO brand. It also holds the trademark rights for MARC O’POLO.

MARC O’POLO has 1,697 employees worldwide from over 40 nations (as of May 2018).



MARC O’POLO has been a privately owned company since 1967. Today, the majority shareholder of MARC O’POLO AG is Chairman of the Board Werner Böck. The operational management of MARC O’POLO AG is in the hands of Dieter Holzer, CEO and Jürgen Hahn, CFO. 

Werner Böck

Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Majority Shareholder

Dieter Holzer

CEO – Chief Executive and Managing Director for Sales

Jürgen Hahn

CFO – Managing Director for Finances, Personnel, IT & Logistics

Susanne Schwenger

CPO – Managing Director for Design, Production, Marketing & Licenses 


Sales trends.

Over the past ten years, MARC O’POLO has maintained a positive sales trend. With our distinctive collections and successful penetration of new markets, we are working to sustain this trend. 


Germany accounts for 67 percent of sales and 33 percent of exports. Other important markets are the Benelux countries, Austria, and Switzerland. Since 2014, we have established a successful presence in the Chinese market and are continuing to expand our activities there.

More interesting numbers

  • 300.000

    customers are part of MARC O’POLO for Members loyalty program.

  • 120.000

    photos per season are handled at the photo studio.

  • 45.000

    collection pieces are sent out from our central warehouse each day during the high season. 

  • 22

    license collections are offered to customers each year.


Sales & Showrooms.

From its headquarters in Stephanskirchen, MARC O’POLO today supplies 2,131 stores and retail partners.


The distribution is split up as follows:

Stores / retail partners number
Own stores / flagships 96
Franchise stores 164
Retail partners 1.871
As of: May 2018  

The MARC O’POLO collections are available in more than 30 countries worldwide, including Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and Ukraine. 


MARC O’POLO is represented with showrooms in the following countries: