MARC O’POLO stands for high-quality, contemporary Premium Modern Casual Wear. This is reflected in the high brand awareness in our core markets and positive associations to our products. 




MARC O’POLO differentiates itself from its competitors by its preference for natural materials and its original style. The MARC O’POLO style is defined by selected materials, high-quality workmanship and attention to detail, along with comfortable, uncomplicated fits and the easy combinability of collection pieces: Natural, self-evident, modern and urban casual. 



FOLLOW YOUR NATURE – These three words epitomize what the founders of MARC O’POLO set great store by: high-quality, natural materials for self-confident individuals with strong personalities and their own timeless style.



With our campaigns, we aim to bring our ‘Follow Your Nature’ philosophy to life - and always with a wink, as symbolized by the O’ in MARC O’POLO. To achieve this, we have always relied on authentic and original motifs featuring protagonists who embody our message. 

Fall/Winter 2018

Latest MARC O’POLO campaign brings a modern edge to premium casual.

A fresh modernity flows through the MARC O’POLO Fall/Winter 2018 campaign. Intimate and emotionally candid, and subtly infused with high-fashion sensibility, it reflects the distinct position of MARC O’POLO at the height of premium casual style. Shot by Alasdair McLellan, the campaign stars Edie Campbell and actor Andrew Cooper.

The mood is autumnal: rich with contrast, warm with golden daylight, and as natural as the knits and coats that grace the models. Edie – hair messy, gaze clear, options open – projects the new look of modernity. She’s at home with herself and the world. As is Andrew. They’ve defined the good life on their own terms. Modern terms.

Famed for his sensitivity to people and to light, Alasdair McLellan was ideally suited to capture the premium attitude of MARC O’POLO Fall/Winter 2018. A regular on the pages of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines, he worked with analogue cameras and a perfectly chosen location to deliver imagery of uncommon strength and directness.

Top model Edie Campbell is a fashion icon. She’s also a competitive horse rider, an occasional journalist and a passionate advocate for literacy and sustainability, and her confidence shines though in every picture. Model-turned-actor Andrew Cooper is the embodiment of a new, easy-going, understated masculinity.

The Fall/Winter 2018 collection: a reinterpretation of a compelling mix of classics as well as innovative modern styles and materials. For women: chunky knits, autumn checks and jersey tailoring. For men: robust materials, such as wool knit and denim, together with functional, contemporary outdoor styles. For both men and women: a visible and tangible love for premium materials. Welcome to Fall/Winter 2018.