Fabian - Store Manager, Düsseldorf

Due to my many years of experience in textile retailing, I encountered Marc O’Polo’s distinctive philosophy early on. It was clear to me that I could grow as an employee and manager in this company and look forward to a successful future. I have now been a part of the team for three years and am still as enthusiastic as I was at the beginning. This is largely thanks to the ambitious goals the company sets for itself. I really appreciate this dynamic way of asserting oneself in the market. I’m also given a lot of freedom to realize my ideas and visions and make a difference. With my additional responsibility as “Buying Expert Casual Men,” for example, I play an active role in shaping the product offering at our store.

All of this is possible because of the corporate culture and the appreciation that we live. In addition to the transparency of the company, Marc O’Polo places full trust in me and my decisions. For example, I have been able to lead my store team safely through the pandemic. But what inspires me most is the Marc O’Polo spirit that can be felt in every corner of our stores. The family atmosphere and the strong team feeling are really special. In addition, we deploy each employee in such a way that his or her individual strengths are best utilized. A successful concept for all sides, it also enhances the experience of our customers.

As a responsible company, Marc O’Polo tries to continuously improve its actions. This includes not only the passion and perfection that go into every product, but also the sustainable approach. But the benefits for employees are also an added value that is unlikely to be found anywhere else.

What would a job be without goals? In order to turn the challenges of our time into opportunities, there is still a lot to be done. The topic of artificial intelligence will certainly become even more important in the future, as will collaborations with partners and brands that share our values. In order to master these undertakings, we need outstanding personalities to support us and our spirit. After all, every employee is comparable to an individual piece in a clockwork mechanism. Only when they all operate together can the clock run precisely. That’s exactly how our team in the store works and ticks.


»Being given freedom for ideas and visions is what I value as a manager in retail.«
Fabian Emmenecker, STORE MANAGER 


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