On a Journey to make Sustainability
the New Normal.


The concept of a journey entails the idea of being open to new opportunities, while allowing for mistakes at the same time. We started our journey to sustainability long before the word became ubiquoutous. But as the definition of the word constantly evolves, we need to adapt. We believe this adaptation process is a collaborative learning experiene by design. We therefore deeply believe in creating a collective journey that involves all our partners, customers, and long-term stakeholders.


The word sustainability is overloaded in current social, environmental and economic discourse. Yet, the power of the word lies precisely in its universality. We believe that only a universal and hollistic approach to sustainainbility, will allow us to transform the fashion industry. For us, this means working together with global frameoworks and looking at production cycles from from a circular perspective.

New Normal

In times of great change and grand societal transformations, the desire for normality becomes abstract. Climate change, digitization, and corona have reporgrammed our daily lives to unforseeable extents. We believe that a revised normality is not only necessary to harmonize our industry, but to solve the pressing issues of the 21st century.

To become the go-to premium modern casual lifestyle brand for sustainable fashion.


In the field of sustainability, the rate of innovation has accelerated to an extent that nobody is able to keep track of everything. In order to navigate complexity and find the right set of innovations for our sustainability vision, partnerships are fundamental. We realised a long time ago that we will not be the best at everything. However, the art of transformation depends upon ones capacity to foster collaborations and Partnerships in the long term. Therefore, we spend a lot of time at MARC O’POLO to find the right partners for every endeavour. In this light, we are proud to announce our latest Partnership with the Fair Wear Foundation.

Fair Wear Foundation

The Fair Wear Foundation is a globally active, independent multi-stakeholder initiative with over 130 member, which is commited to improve the working conditions in garment factories across Asia, Europe, and Africa. By joining Fair Wear, MARC O’POLO commits itself to yearly check-ups through the initiative: Within the so-called Brand Performance Check, the sourcing and buying practice of the company is evaluated and published. Furthermore, regular audits at the factories will closely examine working conditions in order to provide constructive suggestions for improvements. Moreover, the FWF offers training programmes for factories as well as complaint mechanisms for the respective workforce. Additional transparency is ensured by the social report – a progress-orientated document, which MARC O’POLO will publish on a regular basis.