Within our holistic journey to sustainability, we have collectively defined 10 Pathways. Each Pathway reflects a different subject area for which we have defined relevant KPIs, action steps, and commitments. They are the areas that we at MARC O’POLO view as most to our own brand vision and the transformation of the fashion industry at large.

Our Strategy

01 Sustainable Products

As a brand we have always shared a strong affinity to natures materials. We will continue to build on this tradition, while constantly exploring new innovations.


02 Social Responsibility & Human Rights

We believe it is our task to take an active role in promoting fair working conditions in our supply chain together with the fashion industry and partner organisations.


03 Environment

We take an active role in reducing environmental damages across our supply chain. In particular, we focus on water reduction, hazardous chemicals, and our carbon footprint.


04 Supply Chain Tracebaility

We aim to build the capacity to track, quantify, and evaluate environmental data across our entire supply chain, while equally offering traceability tools to our customers.


05 Stakeholder Engagement

Building committed relationships to our long-term stakeholder is central to our sustainability philosophy. Therefore, proactive and honest communication is key.


06 Climate Performance

We aim to become a climate neutral brand by eliminating, reducing, and compensating for our CO2 emissions across all scopes (1, 2 and 3).


07 Transportation & Logistics

We are planning to significantly reduce emissions by slowly eliminating air freight, transforming our mobility system, and integrating more sustainable packaging solutions.


08 Packaging

The integration of sustainable packaging solutions is an important step towards expanding sustainability in both e-commerce and stationary trade. Internally and externally, we are looking for new concepts and innovative ideas.


09 Energy

We aim to continue to use renewable energy sources for our HQ, enhance energy efficiency in our buildings, and find ways to minimize energy output through avoidable server activity.


10 People Empowerment

We deeply value our strong, diverse, and close-knit community. Therefore, continuous professional growth and community activities are a crucial component of our culture.