It is our aim to increase the awareness and desirability of MARC O’POLO brands both nationally and internationally. A strong team is the most important prerequisite for this.The key to our success is employees who share our values and bring with them a commitment to and enthusiasm for both fashion and quality. Do you distinguish yourself by these traits and wish to have an impact? We are always looking for curious and creative personalities who have the courage to break new ground in a dynamic company.




Whether you are a qualified employee, a specialist, a manager or a career changer - a secure job with exciting tasks, diverse further training opportunities and excellent prospects awaits you at the MARC O’POLO Headquarters in Stephanskirchen.

We foster a constructive, employee-focused corporate culture. Personal acknowledgement, appreciation and an open, solution-oriented feedback culture give you clarity, security and perspective. Flexible working time models ensure that you can combine your career, family and free time more effectively and independently. Appropriate, performance-related pay, which you can influence positively by way of your personal commitment, and various other benefits provide you with attractive framework conditions.

Take advantage of the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the success story of MARC O’POLO, and grow together with us!

Vacancies at our headquarters

Get to know a few professionals and their roles in the MARC O’POLO Headquarters:

  • jana-hildenbrand

    JANA HILDENBRAND - Director Sales Support

  • kathrin-mormann

    KATHRIN MORMANN - Head of Design Denim

  • omer-hrbat

    OMER HRBAT - Group Manager Customer Stock



The MARC O’POLO brand comes to life in our national and international stores. Our employees at the point of sale take on responsibility and contribute to the success of MARC O’POLO on a daily basis.

The MARC O’POLO brand comes to life in our national and international stores. Our employees at the point of sale take on responsibility and contribute to the success of MARC O’POLO on a daily basis.

Their creativity, service-oriented attitude, passion for fashion and extensive specialist knowledge create the basis for a positive corporate image and good, personal customer relations.

If you are committed and flexible, think and act in a structured and solution-oriented way, and enjoy being part of a team, you should get to know us! We can offer you stimulating tasks in retail and a constructive, employee-oriented working environment. Regular employee appraisals give you feedback, structure and perspective. Roundtables give you the opportunity to discuss current issues in the retail sector with the management board and to introduce your own ideas. An attractive remuneration package, which you can influence through your commitment, as well as diverse further training opportunities and clearly defined development paths make MARC O’POLO Retail an attractive working environment.

Vacancies in Retail

Get to know our colleagues in MARC O’POLO Retail:

  • Carsten Lehnen - Division Head of Retail

    Carsten Lehnen - Division Head of Retail

Career Steps in MARC O’POLO Retail.

Increasing service requirements, the growing tendency for online and in-store trade to be linked, the introduction of new technologies: The job specifications in retail are developing quickly and becoming ever more differentiated. For these reasons we have been offering a new career concept for employees in both our national and international stores since summer 2015.

Split into Management Career and Professional Career, the new concept highlights careers with two focal points and provides further specialization options for interested or existing store employees in the areas of sales, visual merchandising and store management. Here we offer different training programs both nationally and internationally. For graduates and career starters, the High Potential program is an exciting alternative.

Retail is the basis of our company and an ideal springboard for our employees. In no other area will you be given managerial responsibility so quickly, and only in a few other areas will you develop a feel for our brand and its function more readily. Many of our current managers started their careers in MARC O’POLO Retail.

All training options


Product & Design.

The Product & Design division is at the heart of our headquarters. Here, the ideas for our collections are born, and out of these ideas we create wonderful products with a high degree of quality.

Designers work hand in hand with buyers and production managers on a daily basis to achieve our goal of becoming the leading modern casual lifestyle brand in the premium segment. Initial prototype pieces are manufactured in our in-house tailoring workshop and the final quality check is carried out in our incoming goods inspection department before the goods are sent from our logistics center to the retail market. To ensure that all these processes run smoothly, we build superb teams that guarantee our success with their great commitment and passion. Would you also like to be part of our team?

Vacancies in the Product & Design division

Get to know our Product & Design team:

  • katrin-mann

    KATRIN MANN - Division Manager Casual Men

  • thomas-schaeffler

    THOMAS SCHÄFFLER - Group Manager Pattern Making Women


IT & eCommerce.

In the IT and eCommerce divisions at MARC O’POLO, you will find the stability and values of a renowned brand combined with flat hierarchies and a strong dynamic.


IT plays a key role in the fashion industry and is characterized by the fact that it constantly has to deal with new technologies and structures. So, if you don’t want to sit programming away in a quiet little room but enjoy communicating and want to make an active contribution to optimizing processes in specialized departments through your work in a modern IT system landscape, you will feel right at home with us. What is important here is your willingness to familiarize yourself with processes and also to “think outside of the box” from time to time.
Vacancies in the IT division

Get to know colleagues from the IT division:

  • daniel-zimmer

    DANIEL ZIMMER Junior IT System Engineer


Our online business is one of our most important drivers both across Germany and Europe. It is constantly undergoing development. The aim is to further extend our eCommerce operations and to constantly improve ourselves by espousing multi-channel integration. For this we require colleagues who can help us drive our vision forward with creativity and commitment. We provide a highly dynamic environment as well as an exciting combination of analytical and creative work.
Vacancies in eCommerce