Head of IT Business Application Management.

Describe your job at MARC O’POLO in a maximum of three sentences.
I would describe my job as varied, challenging and satisfying. I can develop professionally as well as personally.

When does your day start, and what is the first thing you do in the office in the morning? Do you have a ritual?
I do not have a ritual. However, the first thing I do every morning is start up my computer and check my diary and urgent to-dos.

How did you become aware of MARC O’POLO?
In a totally conventional way: I simply applied for an advertised position.

Which positions have you had previously at MARC O’POLO?
I have held several positions in IT:

  • Store support
  • IT Retail Application Manager
  • Senior IT Retail Supporter
  • Head of IT Retail
  • Head of IT Business Application Management

What has been your best moment so far at MARC O’POLO?
For me the best moments consistently include the dynamics and the “accomplishment”, in a project, for example.

What do you like the most at the Rosenheim site?

The public transport from my place of residence is good and I have no problems finding a parking space. I like working locally.

Why should someone join the IT department at MARC O’POLO?
You won’t get bored. You’re allowed to participate in many different projects and can familiarize yourself with the latest technology.