Buyer eCommerce.

Describe your job at MARC O'POLO in a maximum of 3 sentences.
Most of my time is spent preparing and doing follow-up work on, as well as executing the orders and re-orders for, the MARC O’POLO collections Casual Women, PURE, and Shoes & Accessories. I give feedback to the Design & Product Management departments and provide the online team with themes from the collection for designing our eShop and the newsletter.

When does your day start and what is the first thing you do in the office in the morning? Do you have a ritual?
My day starts with a quick breakfast with my team colleague between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., when we have a chat about the latest news and tasks. Then I take a look at the sales figures and the eShop before I address the issues in more detail.

How did you become aware of MARC O’POLO?
I already had quite a strong awareness of MARC O’POLO thanks to a collection training session with the LDT Nagold Academy for Fashion Management, which I undertook during my course of studies. Later I was offered my current position by a recruitment agency.

Which positions have you had previously at MARC O’POLO?
This is my first position at MARC O’POLO.

What has been your best moment so far at MARC O’POLO?
There were many lovely moments in the first months. My very first own order after a great fashion show, the first PURE product shooting and the birthday surprise arranged by my team.

What do you like the most at the Rosenheim site?
When you work in eCommerce, the most important thing is thinking and acting quickly. As an ideal balance, here in the countryside you can switch off quickly, enjoy the calm and take advantage of a wide range of leisure activities. You can also commute from Munich, as I do.

Why should someone join the eCommerce department at MARC O’POLO?
In the online team at MARC O’POLO you have the opportunity to develop yourself further in many areas. You are not restricted to your own area. In fact the ideas, experiences and wishes of all team members are sought. You can give your creativity full rein.