Sales Assistant in parttime.

Describe your job at MARC O’POLO in a maximum of three sentences.
My job involves securing a smooth sales process in the store in consideration of the MARC O’POLO guidelines and the requirements of our customers. I support the store manager in matters of visual merchandising and product as well as manning on the floor. Additionally I coach and train the apprentices in the store and at regional meetings according to regulations by the IHK and MARC O’POLO requirements.

When does your day start and what is the first thing you do in the office in the morning? Do you have a ritual?
I can start my days at different times thanks to very flexible staff planning. When my working day starts, I inform myself about new additions or changes to the collection, the visual merchandising and the employees.

How did you become aware of MARC O’POLO?
A personal enquiry from a Store Manager made me aware of MARC O’POLO.

What has been your best moment so far at MARC O’POLO?
I have lovely moments all the time. A few of them have included events in store, presents from employees to commemorate the company anniversary and, above all, the re-opening of the store after the rebuild.

Why should someone join MARC O’POLO Retail?
MARC O’POLO offers very good training and further training options as well as employment contracts of indefinite duration. And you get to work in a great and competent team, to boot.