Avalanche Victim Search Avalanche Camouflage in January 2018.

For the third time last weekend, January 27 and 28, 2018, Avalanche Victim Search training took place at the MARC O’POLO Mountain Lodge. Nine inquisitive people used the opportunity to inform themselves about the topic “Searching for avalanche victims”. Bertram Pfaller, our former MARC O'POLO colleague and an expert trainer for ski touring, organized the weekend and carried out the Avalanche Victim Search training.

On the first evening, the participants found out what the avalanche stages are all about, which equipment is required for such a mission, and how an avalanche victim search device (AVS device in short) functions.

After a fortifying breakfast, the theoretical knowledge was put into practice the following morning. The aim was to detect and hide a rucksack using the equipment and newly-acquired knowledge. The mission was successful!