Apprentice as Bachelor of Arts International Business.


Describe your training at Marc O’Polo in a maximum of three sentences.
The dual study program at MARC O'POLO is very versatile. As part of the training you gain insights into many different divisions of the company, which makes it easier to identify your own strengths and preferences for your future career. The alternation between university and company takes place in three-month-intervals and represents the optimal connection between theory and practice.

When does your day start and what is the first thing you do in the office in the morning? Do you have a ritual?
My normal working day usually starts between 8:00 and 9:00 o'clock. My morning ritual is a warm coffee in my car on the way to Stephanskirchen. Basically, the day begins with a team meeting in which current and upcoming topics as well as further planning are addressed.

How did you become aware of Marc O’Polo?
Before starting the dual study program, I was allowed to complete a six-month internship at the Marc O’Polo flagship store in Munich. After this first (working) impression, I decided to continue working as a member of the temporary staff. Therefore, until the start of my dual study program at Marc O’Polo headquarters in Stephanskirchen, I had the opportunity to get to know the company and the brand even better.

What has been your best moment so far at Marc O’Polo?
During this time the most beautiful moment was committing to dual study program after completing my internship at Marc O’Polo.

What do you like the most at the Rosenheim site?
Rosenheim as a location offers many possibilities. On the one hand, it’s a beautiful natural environment that encourages outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking or cycling. On the other hand, Rosenheim itself is a nice, manageable town with everything you might need. Munich, the nearest big city, is not far away and can be reached easily with public transportation from Rosenheim.

Why should someone decide to undertake a traineeship/dual course of studies at Marc O’Polo?
The apprenticeship or the dual study program at Marc O’Polo enables working and learning in an exciting industry sector with a lot of dynamism and innovation. Marc O’Polo is characterized by a very appreciative, familial working atmosphere. The apprenticeship makes it possible to get to know the processes in the company from different perspectives and offers the opportunity to get to know the international tasks in the form of a foreign assignment in one of our retail stores or in international sales. An immense advantage of the dual study is its practical relevance. You can implement what you have learned from the theory directly int0 practice. As an apprentice at Marc O’Polo, you will be intensively involved in the day-to-day business, and that gives you the opportunity to take a lot of initiative.