Business Intelligence Manager, former apprentice.

Describe your job at MARC O’POLO in a maximum of 3 sentences.
I mainly take care of the sales data, drawing up reports and analyses in this area. I am also a contact person in Corporate Controlling for business intelligence. This means I organize the coordination between specialist departments and IT, and support the data warehouse architects in the conceptual development of requirements.

How did you become aware of MARC O’POLO?
I became aware of MARC O’POLO through an advert in the local newspaper and did my initial and further training here in the company.

Which positions have you had previously at MARC O’POLO?
During my training I pretty much got to know the entire value-added chain, from purchasing to accounting and EDI to sales at the POS.

What has been your best moment so far at MARC O’POLO?
Even if toboganning from the roofs of houses with the CFO, a Christmas party in a remote Alpine hut, and countless conquered summits are legendary moments that take life here to superlative extremes, the loveliest moment was when I had my business administrator certificate in my pocket and I enjoyed a little barbecue party arranged by my colleagues at Lake Simssee.

What do you do in your free time?
Various types of mountaineering are among my favorite hobbies. In summer you will generally find me mountaineering and rock climbing. In winter you will find me snowboarding, skiing or on tours in the deep snow. To maintain my general fitness, I practice Brazilian jiu jitsu.

What do you like the most at the Rosenheim site?
I love the manageable size of the town, the geographical location and the flexibility that we enjoy here. In a very short space of time, you can feel like you are in a completely different world. Whether you want to be “off the beaten track” or “in the thick of things”, both options are right at your doorstep. Off the top of my head, I would mention the Kaiser mountain range, which is basically an enormous playground, or Munich, which is a metropolis with many millions of inhabitants. 

Why should someone join MARC O’POLO?
Here in the company you feel that you are greatly appreciated. You are given a lot of leeway to develop personally, and the social interaction is unique. The people who collectively carry out their jobs here are genuinely more than just colleagues.