Johannes Lissner - Store Manager, Hamburg

From customer to salesperson

Was convinced by Scandinavian design and spirit even before his training at MO'P. As a High Potential employee, he became a store manager in just a few years. Johannes especially appreciates the opportunity for further development and training and also for initiating new projects. Being seen, despite the many employees, not just as a number on the personnel register, but as a human being - that is what makes MARC O'POLO so special.

»Here, no one has to pretend or play a role. From intern to CEO, everyone is on the same level.«

Vanessa Eichstädt - Director Division Casual Woman

If you stand still you're going backwards

A company moves, so you have to move with it. Vanessa is always moving. Mostly forward. With experience as a member of a store sales team, she wanted to get closer to fashion. Graduate in textile business administration. Product manager. Wanted to learn something new as a senior buyer in retail. Made another leap in a new direction and is now, as Director Division Casual Women, responsible for the product management of the entire MARC O'POLO women's collection.

»You have to seize your opportunities, make the most of possibilities and appeal to people's desires!«

Tom Wahl - Designer Jersey

Straight-talking teamplayer

His colleagues are the driving force. Particularly important in design: the exchange of ideas. What do people want to wear? How must it fit? Being creative. Communicating clearly. Daring to look beyond the end of your own nose. This is how Tom went from buyer to designer. 
Two disciplines - strong in combination.

»What is important to me? Challenges. And wanting to get up every morning.«

Katrin Acht - Head of Key Account

It's on!

She grew up with fashion in her parents' business and was sure that she would never go into the textile industry herself. Of course it turned out differently. Thank goodness! Was always in the right place at the right time. As a manager, she appreciates the open mentality and the fact that one is "given free rein" at MO'P. Everyone can achieve something here if they want to.

»The freedom to be creative and to make mistakes is the best incentive for personal development.«