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At MARC O’POLO, we place great importance on ensuring that our employees feel at home and have fun at work. We consider this to be the key to success. That is why we nurture the passion and commitment of our staff as they carry out their duties. To foster their well-being, MARC O’POLO offers them a comprehensive and varied package of benefits. 




At MARC O'POLO, we believe, that for the satisfaction and well-being of our employees a multitude of factors are important. For this reason, MARC O’POLO offers a comprehensive and varied package of benefits.

Working environment

The MARC O’POLO Village in Stephanskirchen has an open-plan design to encourage a free flow of ideas between colleagues. This means teams that work closely together can sit close together. There are also various meeting points. During summer months in particular, employees can take their discussions outdoors and make use of one of the many terraces. They can also use our new building, which opened in January 2016 and offers various work spaces: lounge areas, project rooms, work benches, bench tables and meeting rooms. Building features include a photo studio, writable magnetic walls and touch screens.

Flexible working

In order to offer our staff maximum flexibility, the MARC O’POLO head office offers a system of trust-based working hours. This allow our staff members to organize their working day within the framework of their duties. Employees who work more than 30 hours per week also have the opportunity to work from their home office for part of this time, provided that it is possible to carry out their duties away from our main office. For those working from home, secure access to all the necessary systems is arranged by the MARC O’POLO IT department.

Personnel Development

MARC O’POLO offers employees continuous learning and growth, and the opportunity to integrate the knowledge they acquire in their day-to-day business. To ensure that we deliver on this, we work with highly-qualified trainers who share our philosophy. Individual training opportunities can be arranged with a member of the management team. We also hold a variety of seminars, allowing employees to choose the appropriate option according to their position within the company, with the aim of helping them further their career.

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The MARC O’POLO Family scheme helps employees at our head office to find a balance between their family life and their working life. We keep parents involved from the beginning, starting from the time they are on parental leave. It is normal practice for us to send them invitations to company events or staff meetings during this time, and we provide ongoing company news via our Intranet. We make it easy for parents to return to work with us by offering, amongst other things, home office workspaces and childcare cover during school holidays. On the retail side, MARC O’POLO supports those returning to work after parental leave by granting a childcare allowance.

Health Club

As part of its Health Club scheme, MARC O’POLO collaborates with external partners to offer employees a diverse program of activities to promote physical and mental well-being. These include running training, self-defense, gymnastic exercises for skiers, EMS, BodyFit, Pilates and yoga, plus team sports such as football and beach volleyball. In addition to Freeletics and hikes to the MARC O’POLO Mountain Lodge during the summer months, the MARC O’POLO Health Club also hosts expert talks on healthy eating and mental strength, as well as body composition analysis, nutrition coaching and massage for relaxation. Our employees can also obtain discounted membership at a variety of fitness studios throughout Germany.

Mountain Lodge

Since May 2015, MARC O’POLO has been able to offer staff an exceptional new facility. Located 1,400 m above sea level in the Thiersee Valley, Tyrol, the MARC O’POLO Mountain Lodge is available for physical, creative and communicative purposes.

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The MARC O'Polo Mountain Lodge -

a complete success!


College for colleagues.

The phrase “college for colleagues” came into being because of the passion and enthusiasm that some of our colleagues display for certain sports or for subjects in which they are specialized. What started out as a program of individual training and instruction courses has now (as of business year 2016/2017) become a regular feature in the MARC O’POLO in-house training catalogue. Through a comprehensive range of seminars and workshops, a number of employees show their commitment by passing on their knowledge and skills to their colleagues. We are delighted that the concept has been so well received.

Not only does it offer the opportunity to utilize in-house expertise and save resources, it also fosters interaction across departments and networking among colleagues, making a significant contribution to a positive work environment.

Seminars include process management, project management, product-related training, fitness practices such as yoga and ski gymnastics, and an avalanche awareness camp held at the MARC O’POLO Mountain Lodge. The seminars are superb for sharing knowledge and improving physical and mental health in our day-to-day and professional lives.


Stephanskirchen near Rosenheim.

Our Stephanskirchen headquarters are located in the district of Rosenheim, Upper Bavaria. The area offers a wide choice of leisure activities, ranging from culture and sport to wellness and gastronomy. The high quality of life in this region can be attributed to its exceptional offering. The combination of Bavarian “gemütlichkeit” and continuous progress gives Rosenheim and its environs a special kind of charm. And should you yearn for the buzz of the city, you can make use of the excellent transport connections tp reach Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck in less than an hour.

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