Leadership model.

Our Leadership Promise: „We take over responsibility for our employees, their motivation and talent and guide them so as to enable them to perform outstanding achievements. For them personally and for us as a company.“

In order to establish a common, company-wide perception of personnel management here at MARC O’POLO, we introduced our leadership model in 2016.

The model serves as a guideline, the underlying principles of which should be actively applied by every manager at MARC O’POLO in their day-to-day business. It defines important skills and ultimate objectives for all colleagues with staff responsibilities. It assists us in attaining our corporate goals and fulfilling our mission. Care and consideration towards our employees are the principles that guide us and help us to be appreciative and effective in our thinking, actions and communication.


By arranging management training courses, setting regular tasks and providing monthly updates for all employees with staff responsibilities, we are able to support our managers as they work with the principles of the model in a sustainable manner and apply them in their day-to-day work.