MARC O’POLO as an employer.

Here at MARC O’POLO, we place great importance on ensuring that our employees feel at home and have fun at work. We believe this is the key to success. That is why we nurture the passion and commitment of our staff as they carry out their duties. We offer them a wide range of advanced training options, a varied sports and health program, joint events and many other activities.



Corporate culture.

Our company culture emphasizes the values of openness and working together in a respectful way as equal partners. This is a common theme throughout all departments, reflected in everything from the casual form of address we use with each other to the regular discussions we arrange for employees with the aim of furthering their personal development. At our head office and in our retail stores, we create a transparent, considerate atmosphere that is supported by our flat organizational structures, the joint activities we organize and the regular information provided by the Executive Board. Our philosophy is to give you “The freedom to be yourself”. This influences not only how we design our products, but also how we interact with each other. We are all individuals, and keeping this in mind we treat each other with openness, acceptance and respect. Together we work continuously on creating the best products for our customers and on reaching our corporate goals.

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Leadership model.

Our leadership concept is an expression of our clear and strong leadership promise, providing orientation and a means of measuring achievement for both the company and all managerial staff. It allows us to form a common, company-wide perception of employee leadership at MARC O’POLO. T guidelines have a tangible effect on our management style, influencing our day-to-day actions and decisions.

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What we offer.

MARC O’POLO offers a comprehensive and varied package of benefits. We want our employees to have fun at work and feel at home. We believe that a number of factors play an important role in this, including modern workspaces, a goal-oriented program of advanced training, and a varied sports and health scheme.

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Advanced training.

Continuous learning and personal development for our employees are two key factors in our success. That is why we offer a targeted development program at our head office and in our retail stores, either as part of our Inhouse Academy or our Retail Academy. Our employees are actively involved in designing this program, an example of which is the initiative set up under the banner “College for Colleagues”.

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Mountain Lodge.

Our Mountain Lodge, about an hour’s drive from our head office, is an employee facility located in a very special setting. Surrounded by mountains in the beautiful Thiersee Valley, the lodge is used for corporate team-building exercises, training events and sports activities. Employees are also free to book the lodge for private use.

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