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Salzburg is world-famous as the home town of Mozart, and the Salzburg Festival makes it an important center for music in Austria. The silhouette of this Baroque town on the northern edge of the Alps is distinguished by the Hohensalzburg Castle, the cathedral and plenty of church towers. As a visitor, you can discover various city highlights while strolling through the streets. For culture lovers or just about anybody with a little curiosity, this small metropolis has a variety of facets, from medieval buildings to playful flower gardens to modern architecture. An exceptional destination that can be easily reached from the MARC O’POLO headquarters in Stephanskirchen within 1 hour by car. Salzburg has the added advantage of an international airport. Get a picture of the region and its uniqueness by browsing through the different sections that follow.




Salzburg’s surroundings are outstanding not only for hiking in summer but also for skiing in winter.

The hiking region enchants every visitor with crystal-clear mountain lakes, breathtaking gorges and majestic panoramas. The cable railways shave off some of the effort of ascending and make it possible for families with children and senior citizens to reach many mountain tops. Besides, Salzburg is the state in Austria with the most Alpine huts (550 out of a total of 1,800), offering hikers a place to stop for a bite to eat.

In winter, some 50 skiing resorts in and around Salzburg County offer pure snow magic. The most famous one, Ski Amadé, awaits you with a wide variety of slopes to discover.

Racing cyclists and mountain bikers can explore a road network of around 6,000 kilometers, living up to any standards in the region Salzburger Land. At the foot of the Dachstein mountain, the very sporty will find challenging tours with arduous elevation gains, while the Tauern- und Mozartradweg offers comfortable family routes through beautiful meadows. The racing bike region, existing since 2010, is characterized by its six top destinations, Eugendorf, Fuschlsee, Mondsee, Attersee, Wolfgangsee und Salzburger Seenland.

But Salzburg and its surroundings also attract fans of aviation sports. Whether beginner or pro, anybody can fulfill his dream of flying, be it a relaxed balloon ride or an adrenalin-packed parachute jump. Or simply enjoy an unforgettable nature adventure during a soundless glide through Salzburg’s mountain world. Gaisbergspitze is a well-known and popular meeting point for skydivers and paragliders. A highlight with respect to aviation history is Hangar-7, with its fleet of some of the most beautiful airplanes in aviation history, as well as a great variety of helicopters.

Not only in the air but also on water, Salzburg offers a diversified program. The region has three rivers with seven rafting routes. From easy rides for beginners to more active tours to highly challenging excursions for experienced rafters, anybody will find their perfect whitewater adventure, be it canyoning, rafting or a canoe trip through enchanting natural landscapes. The wide range of outdoor activities around Salzburg ensures many opportunities to get away from the everyday.


Food & drinks.

In Salzburg, you can expect real culinary treats. The Old Town is renowned for its excellent restaurants, bars and cafés, but you will find traditional or extravagant delicacies all around Salzburg.

Bärenwirt has the aim of upholding Salzburg’s original pub culture. Enjoy delicious Austrian cuisine on Bären’s terrace, with its view over Salzach and Gaisberg, and be sure to try “Austria’s best Backhendl” (fried chicken). The oldest coffee house in Austria, Café Tomaselli, is similarly traditional. Here, you should not only try a cup of coffee but by also sample the pastry specialties so typical of Salzburg, the Mozarttorte and Mozartkugel. Restaurant Ikarus in Hangar-7 offers a very special experience. Here, a project unlike anything else in the world was initiated: the Gastkochkonzept (the guest chef concept). Every month, a different top international chef treats the guests in Hangar-7. Whether from the USA, from South Africa or Japan, whether traditional, fusion or molecular gastronomy, what counts is the variety and high quality. A visit to Afro Coffee in Salzburg’s Old Town will also surprise you. See, smell, taste, feel: At Afro Coffee, guests can discover African savoir vivre with all of their senses. In addition to the dishes, you can view original art from emerging African talents. In this way, you can experience a cultural and culinary escape to Africa while in the middle of a small Austrian metropolis.



Salzburg is said to be a city of artists and art lovers, and it owes its cultural significance not least to various famous personalities born there. Amongst them are singers, writers, composers and many others, the most famous of all being Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, of course. It’s due to him that Salzburg is called Mozartstadt (city of Mozart); his Geburtshaus (birth house) can still be visited today.

One of the city’s cultural highlights, celebrated annually since 1920, is the Salzburg Festival, Salzburger Festspiele. During the months of July and August, more than 200 operas, plays and concerts take place, attracting more than 250,000 visitors who can look forward to a combination of tradition and modernity in music of the highest quality.

In addition, Salzburg offers a variety of gorgeous castles worth visiting. The Festung Hohensalzburg, or Hohensalzburg Castle, is located on the Festungsberg, a hill in the center of Salzburg, and is the largest, fully preserved fortress in Central Europe. Schloss Hellbrunn, or Hellbrunn Palace, is known as pleasure palace and for the last 400 years has been attracting nature lovers who come to explore its unique and ample park. Frequently described as a magical place, the castle itself is to this day considered one of the most glorious Renaissance buildings north of the Alps. Its dominating design element has always been water, with a unique Wasserspiele (waterworks) to distinguish it.

During a visit to Salzburg, don’t miss seeing the legendary Königssee. It is located in Alpen-Nationalpark Berchtesgaden and is famous for its magical silence. The 35-minute boat trip to the St. Bartholomä peninsula lets you experience the famous echo of Königssee. In Salzburg, everyone will find his or her personal enchanting cultural Highlight.



The sympathetic and family-friendly town of Salzburg offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for the entire family. In addition to guided city tours for children, it’s the short distances between many sights, attractions and events that make the city so accessible, whether on little legs or even by a wheelchair.

In order to experience the entire world of playing using all of one’s senses, we recommend a visit to Salzburger Spielzeugmuseum (toy museum). The focus here is on trying out historical and modern toys. An interactive museum visit, it offers guaranteed fun for all.

In Heurigenexpress, the whole family can enjoy passing through the impressive landscape of Lungau, surrounded by historical train sets. For those thrilled by steam trains, there is the possibility to get an Amateur-Lokführer-Bescheinigung (amateur engine driver’s license), a unique experience and a nice souvenir of the ride.

A further family experience offering fun and adventure is the Märchenwanderweg (fairy tale path) to Schafbachalm. The fairy tale is about a spell-bound dwarf who can only be retransformed into his usual stature by means of the branches of an elder bush. In addition to a witch ride, there are various further play stations underway, promising great entertainment and picturesque landscape impressions. Another highlight is passing through Drachenschlucht (dragon gorge) via the Alps’ longest plank bridge. In the child-friendly town of Salzburg, both children and parents can look forward to a diverse and unforgettable stay.



Salzburg is located in Austria, in the northeast of Berchtesgadener Land, near the border with Germany. It is surrounded by a beautiful Alpine panorama.

Via coaches and trains, you can reach nearly any destination across Europe. The route network includes countries such as Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. But air traffic to and from Salzburg doesn’t fall short either, and with 186 destinations worldwide and around 50 flights, passengers enjoy plentiful opportunities for a short escape or longer trip.

And it’s so close to the MARC O’POLO Headquarters:

Airport Salzburg: 74 km ― 1.00 h car/ 1.45 h train
Central bus and railway station Salzburg: 86 km ― 1.10 h car / 1.10 h train

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