Simona Paulangelo

As a young professional, you are usually based in one department. With the Fashion Hero trainee programme, however, you can explore all the divisions involved in a collection’s development over one year before deciding which direction to take. And with the additional advantage of making connections. So far, I’ve felt very comfortable and very warmly welcomed by all departments. The working atmosphere is casual and at eye level. I particularly enjoyed my one-week stay at the in-house tailoring workshop, where I was even allowed to sew a garment for myself. In addition, I’ve taken part in further training courses, including a workshop on professional interviewing, which was an enriching experience. There are also great opportunities to connect with the community, such as after-work jogging tours and the Clean Up Day; an event where all colleagues collect rubbish for a day. The employees are the focus here. I also really appreciate how Marc O'Polo focuses so intensively on the topic of sustainability, both in the products and on the campus. I can only advise all future trainees to enjoy the eventful time, network with colleagues from all departments and ask as many questions as possible, because there are so many professionals to learn from.

Louisa Raschke 

I believe the trainee programme is an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of a company’s individual processes. The teams I worked with all had an incredibly good dynamic, so the work was a lot of fun. Everyone benefited from each other and overcame challenges together, and I learned a lot. During the trainee programme, I definitely grew in my independence and my organisational abilities. Keeping an overview of all tasks is the most important thing. As part of my master's thesis, I took part in a completely new project in which I demonstrated a high level of personal responsibility and initiative. There is a lot of room to grow these qualities at Marc O'Polo, where everyone is free to decide their level of involvement in the processes. I particularly appreciated this freedom. Taking part and applying my ideas both creatively and analytically have been crucial for my personal development. If you apply for the trainee programme, you can really look forward to a versatile position. You should definitely be open to new challenges!

Philipp Müller 

Among all the various job postings, the headline "Digital Unicorn" immediately caught my attention. I had associated Marc O'Polo with "only" fashion up to that point, so I was quite surprised. The role description coincided almost exactly with the topics of my e-commerce studies, and the trainee programme really helped me discover my interests and find my career path. During the programme, I grew more attached to the team and my new job, and I realised that I really enjoyed it. I found my area of interest relatively early on, even though I’d yet to explore the other divisions. Since then, I’ve joined Marc O'Polo as a permanent employee. What I've learned here above all: self-organisation and much more self-confidence in appearance. My highlight so far was the new customer service project, which I helped structure, support and test. And, of course, the "Humpback Volvo" on campus. Overall, I would have liked a bit more creative freedom from the trainee programme. The whole programme was very well planned, making it difficult to restructure. But the welcoming culture and sense of inclusion absolutely convinced me, especially in Corona times.

Maria Borgardts

The trainee programme seemed perfect for me, as I identified with the values of Marc O'Polo and saw a great opportunity in the programme’s diversity and comprehensiveness. My hope has been confirmed at every turn, and the programme has enriched and influenced me on my path as a fashion designer. My highlight was definitely working as a team, especially in different group constellations. I learned a lot from my colleagues without ever feeling like I was being "lectured". After all, everyone here is working towards the goal of bringing sustainable products to the market. You become part of a bigger picture while gaining the opportunity to help shape the future of the fashion industry through your own initiative. I really appreciate this cooperation as well as the HR initiatives at Marc O'Polo. I’ve grown the most through the challenges linked to the tight timelines of collection development. My time management and multitasking skills have definitely improved, and my knowledge of sustainability has deepened. My advice to all future trainees would be to embrace the programme with an open and inquisitive mind. Insights into sectors in which you are unlikely to work in future are very beneficial and will broaden your horizons in the long run.

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