Do sales managers have a typical daily routine? Should I expect more of a solo job, or inspiring teamwork? What will be the most memorable moments? Sarah, Katrin and Mischa share their insights into the varied professional life of a sales manager.


How did you come to work for Marc O'Polo?

Sarah: I came across the vacant position for Area Manager through Fashion United, and I was immediately interested. The positive spirit, the philosophy and the values of Marc O'Polo inspired me fromday one, and so many great people here have helped me get started.


What does your typical work day look like?

Katrin: My job is split between the order phase in the showroom in Munich and the travel phase. During the order phase, I sell the Marc O'Polo Women Casual collection to my customers. This involves planning order appointments, setting up the showroom and preparing orders. During the travel phase, I visit the customers on site in their individual stores, where I support them by scheduling appointments and providing training for the collection and the sales staff. In addition, strategy and marketing planning is usually waiting for me in my home office.


What do you like best about Marc O'Polo?

Mischa: That's not an easy question to answer because I came to Marc O'Polo for many good reasons. For me, the great working atmosphere in the sales team and at the headquarters in Stephanskirchen deserves a special mention. We believe in a common vision and we all pull together—that's what makes us successful. Plus, I can say with conviction that Marc O'Polo has been committed to quality and sustainability since day one and I’d like to continue promoting this philosophy. It's on us.


What qualities do you need to be a good sales representative?

Sarah: A few qualities can be listed here, as each sales manager is strong in their own way. I think, first and foremost, passion for the product I'm selling, combined with persuasiveness and an enthusiasm to be credible. A customer-oriented approach as well as strong communication skills are also important, as long-term growth comes from honest customer relationships. 


In your opinion, what makes the job special?

Katrin: I especially appreciate the independent work and the familiar, close working relationships with my boss and colleagues. Teamwork makes the dream work. Besides that, there are many moments I cherish; the trade fairs at the Bread & Butter in Berlin, our sales meetings in Stephanskirchen, and legendary company events like the 50 Years of Marc O'Polo birthday party. Plus, the exchange with colleagues from the head office and abroad is always inspiring.


What role does the team play in sales?

Sarah: During the travel phase, we are often on the road by ourselves. Therefore, it is crucial to stay in contact with our team members, in order to share current events and experiences from the other areas. That's why we have a team call every Friday. I occasionally work with my colleague from Denim Men, who is responsible for the same area as me. That's a nice change. During the order phase, we all work from our assigned showrooms. We collaborate closely and try to support each other wherever possible.


Which event are you looking forward to the most?

Mischa: The next sales meeting, where the collection will be officially presented. We’ll look at which items are in focus, create different looks and also discuss pricing. Of course, we act in the interest of Marc O'Polo, but we also interface with wholesale customers and have to consider their interests. This is not only exciting, but also a lot of fun every time, to the point where you forget it’s actually work.