Francesca Margherita Padula  - Head of Online Sales

Archive Code Beanie

It really was love at first sight. When I discovered the Archive Code Beanie online, I knew immediately that it was going to be my new favourite piece. It might sound strange, but the beanie helps me feel more confident: with virtual video calls now a large part of our daily work routine, I often feel like I could make my look even cooler. For this, the beanie is always the perfect solution. I’ve been asked several times when I’m at a bar—because it's one of my favourite outfits there, as well—where I bought this great item. I think it's so popular because of the elegant colour combination, which gives the wearer a cosy, warm look. Whenever my close friends borrow something from my wardrobe, the Archive Code Beanie is definitely the most popular item. I guess it's love at first sight for them, too.

Moritz Jahn - Assistant Design

Modular Puffer-Parka

My favourite part? Where do I begin! The modular puffer parka has become my absolute favourite piece this winter. It’s known from the "It's on us" campaign, and I wear it almost every day and always feel well dressed—both smart and casual. The piece is incredibly comfortable and warm, but also very light, and what I love most about it is the fit. The oversized down puffer is absolutely on-trend thanks to its striking silhouette and sculptural character, and the modular puffer parka offers high visibility and protection at the same time. Such garments inspire me. My grandmother—a very stylish woman who nurtured my early enthusiasm for fashion—also owns this parka. When I was with my family over the holidays, she immediately wanted to try it on. She ordered one right away, and it's not the first time we’ve both owned the same piece! Plus, the parka is sustainable, and it's important for me to consume consciously and use products that last a long time. The high level of quality and the use of recycled materials complements the visual elements, and I was convinced immediately. It’s an all-round perfect product. Thanks to its modularity, the puffer can be worn and combined in many ways. You can unzip the sleeves and wear it as a waistcoat, for example, or attach a hood. For me, the puffer has become an indispensable piece for the cold season.

Nerea Ohler  - Duale Studentin 

Down Puffer Coat made  of recycled materials

I've always found winter jackets a challenge; they either don't match my outfit or are unsuitable for the situation I need them for. And if they do fit, they aren't warm enough. Since I like to travel spontaneously and uncomplicatedly, this typically entails a lot of effort and unnecessary luggage. And if I’m honest, this is the first jacket I’ve owned that meets all my requirements while also being a real eye-catcher. I’m often asked about it—by younger people in bars, sales assistants in department stores, and just recently by an older lady in a restaurant. That shows just how multifaceted this garment is. And the icing on the cake: The jacket is sustainable as well as multi-talented. Nowadays, we should frequently question how our clothes are made. After all, it is our message to the world and shows who we are. Our clothes say a lot about us, yet the people who make them remain invisible. We can only wear our garments with confidence and a clear conscience if we know they were produced in a fair, clean, and safe manner. Since I know that MARC O’POLO produces sustainably, I can wear my winter jacket with an all-round good feeling.

Tizian Weinholzner - Manager VBM Projects

FW21 Denim Cord Vest

When I started at MARC O’POLO, I had already spent months searching for a special vest. However, I’d yet to find one that seemed distinct and met all my requirements. So, I had dropped the idea of finding the "perfect vest" for myself, until I discovered the Denim Cord Vest while browsing the upcoming Fall/Winter Collection 2021. I fell in love immediately. The vest is my first MARC O’POLO piece and a reminder of how my journey began here. Since then, it has served me well, whether I'm walking my dog on cold winter days, driving to the windy coast of Denmark to set up our stand at CIFF Copenhagen, or simply enjoying the first rays of spring sunshine during lunch at headquarters. My Denim Cord Vest ensures I'm dressed right for any season, no matter if I wear it on top or underneath.

Josephine Linne - Senior Designer Accessories

Velours Hobo Bag

For me, good design must be innovative, practical and aesthetically pleasing. I like the Hobo Bag because of its clear design language, which makes a statement with any outfit. It is my absolute favourite bag—and not only because black is my favourite colour! On the one hand, it is the perfect companion for the office and the city and for travelling. A thoughtful interior ensures you can organise yourself perfectly and even have room for a laptop and folders. Besides its functional advantages, the hobo's simple and minimalist shape makes it super easy to style with any outfit. I’m often asked about the bag, and I’m certain it’s because of its uncomplicated shape and Scandinavian casualness. What’s more, the bag is made with my favourite materials; soft suede for the body and a smooth nappa leather handle. We spent many hours tweaking the perfect shape and ideal interior construction with our Italian manufacturer, and I always think of that first supplier visit and our great teamwork whenever I carry the bag.

Julian Eschemann - Dualer Student

FW21 Denim Hoodie

This hoodie is my current absolute favourite. I remember the story of how I bought it at the MARC O’POLO shop in Würzburg. I was out with my boyfriend, who was sceptical at first and then, during our visit to the shop, I convinced him that MARC O’POLO also has really cool outfits for younger people. Up until then, he believed he couldn't find anything for himself there, and he originally didn't want to accompany me to the shop. At some point, he decided to come along. He bought a vest right away, which he is still absolutely thrilled with, and it has since caused a stir among his friends. People still approach me regularly to say that they've found some really cool and trendy items at MARC O’POLO. That makes me happy, of course, because I think my denim hoodie is mega casual and trendy.

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