Workshop with Business Informatic students: Campaign Management System.

What does „campaign“ mean and what’s behind all this? With what (customer) data does MARC O’POLO work? How do the components customer, store, customer retention and online marketing intersect? What adjustments can we as a company make to increase customer satisfaction and sales?

During a tech-workshop in the MARC O’POLO headquarter on 18 May 2017, students from the university department Business Informatics were given answers to these and many other questions. The twelve participants used the opportunity to reconcile theory and practice and gain insights into the technical business routine of an international fashion brand.

Under the heading Campaign Management System the workshop not only offered the students lectures from the specialist divisions but also the opportunity to work out and assess various problems in groups and then present the results concerning homework that MARC O’POLO had previously assigned them.

The morning was completed by a shared lunch with representatives of various teams from the departments IT, eCommerce and Marketing. And whoever was longing for more thereafter took advantage of the option to ask further questions and gain a live insight into Google Analytics.