From Stephanskirchen to Paris.

Johanna, cooperative degree student ‘International Business’ at MARC O’POLO, had the opportunity to stay in Paris for 3 months during her practical semester. Read more about her time in the city of love in her following report.

France for beginners – The preparations

The flight and all the actuarial things have been arranged very quickly thanks to the help of our human resource management and our travel management. Besides my monthly student income, I received not only a one-time travel support, but also an on-site takeover of my travel expenses.

However, what I didn’t expect were the troubles with my apartment search. I already saw myself sleeping under the bridge by the river Seine. Eventually I found a wonderful alternative and stayed with a French family.

After everything was arranged, there was not much more left to do than to look forward to this adventure and to pack up my things.

Paris mon amour – The city

I have to admit, I always had a little fable for France and the French people and especially for Paris! There is hardly any corner where I don’t have to stop to marvel and to take pictures or just to absorb the flair and the beauty of this historical city.

My three absolute favorite spots are definitely the quarters Le Marais, Montmartre and Saint Germain, where you can find fancy little stores and a lot to discover and try out. And if you want to let the impressions sink in, you can go to Shakespeare and Company or eat something at the Marché of Enfants Rouge.

Another reason why I like Paris so much, are the cultural possibilities that the city offers. In addition to my favorite museums Musée d’Orsay and Musée Rodin, I recommend to buy tickets at the opera for a ballet or at the kiosk de Madeleine for a theater play and other cultural events.

And if you’ve seen enough of the city and its culture, you can go for a wonderful walk in the Jardin des Plantes, enjoy a cup of tea in the beautiful mosque’s courtyard and let the time stand still for a moment.

The store and showroom – The work

It couldn’t be more beautiful: The showroom is located in the heart of Paris between the Opéra and the Place de Vêndome. The French team consists only of six people and you get to know everybody very quickly. The day begins usually around 9 a.m. and ends around 6 p.m. The showroom builds the connection between the headquarters and all French trade partners and stores. Therefore there are many things to take care of. Besides supporting the sales team with orders, I was partly responsible for the development of a project.

The store is located as beautiful as the showroom in the Rue Bonaparte in Saint-Germain. The store team is also not too large and you get to know everybody quickly. Unlike most of outsiders think, there is much more to do than just sales. Daily, weekly and monthly there are different recurring tasks to do. The store opens at 10 p.m. Before the opening everything is checked again, especially if cash and the point of sale are alright. Furthermore the previous day is analyzed and the revenue target for the new day is discussed. In addition to sales every team member receives own tasks for the day. At the beginning I kept myself a little bit in the background and observed my colleagues. In the evening the whole store is tidied up and prepared for the next day. All turnovers of the day are systematically recorded and send to headquarters. Furthermore, we received feedback on the single performances of the day.

La mode aime Paris – My personal highlight

The opportunity to live and work in Paris itself was a highlight for me. What made my stay even more perfect, was the transformation of the city during the fashion week (from September 27 until October 5) into the Fashion Mecca of the world. “La mode aime Paris” – fashion loves Paris. The theme of this year’s fashion week describes it only too well. The already very lively city blossoms one more time before it falls into winter sleep. At the Place de Vendôme you can’t even move further because of all the taxis and bloggers and at every corner you can spot extraordinary outfits and people. The designers never get tired and always find new and interesting locations to integrate into their impressive shows.


For me there is nothing more beautiful than to get to know foreign cultures and to gain more experience. My work in Paris gave me the opportunity to get to know the MARC O’POLO and its structure even better. I could not only apply my knowledge from previous departments and challenge myself with new tasks, but also get a new perspective on different topics and processes. Especially due to my work in the store, it was very interesting to experience the core business of MARC O’POLO.94