Two months in Amsterdam – a city to fall in love with.

Selina, cooperative degree Student ‘International Business’ at MARC O’POLO, had the opportunity to stay in Amsterdam for 2 months during her practical Semester. Read more about her experiences in her following report.

The preparations

Selina_2In the course of my Dual Degree Programme as Business Manager Textiles I was given the opportunity to live in Amsterdam for two months while supporting the Dutch sales team.

I had already discovered my passion for cooperative partnership with clients during my work in the national sales team in the showroom in Munich. Accordingly, I was more than happy to be able to gather further sales know-how during a two-month stay in Amsterdam.

Following quite an elaborate but finally successful search for a place to stay I took a plane to Amsterdam in January 2017. I had hardly arrived when I set out for my first purchase on my first day: a bike! It was important to me to spend my time ahead as much as possible like a local. Now I was ready to take off!

The work in the showroom

On my first day I was welcomed very warmly and my colleagues and I nearly instantly started preparing the upcoming order phase. I immediately felt comfortable with the team and couldn’t have been more looking forward to the next two months.

Being a former riding corral the showroom had an especially great atmosphere. This in combination with the collection made me really like my new place of work. Located at the northern tip of Vodelpark it was easy to feel at ease here.

Three days later the showroom was completely set up and we entered a busy order phase. Every day from morning to evening clients from all around Holland came to order their favourite pieces from the new Fall/Winter collection. It was my job to support the Area Managers by entering the orders into the system, to arrange the collection after every appointment and prepare them for the new clients as well as pamper them with drinks and snacks.

Following the order phase I had the opportunity to accompany the Area Managers during their travel time for two weeks. That way, I got to see a lot of Holland as well as various other stores.

Life in Amsterdam

After having heard from all sides how lovely Amsterdam was I was excited to find out more about the city. During my first night I had already fallen in love with all these canals, little alleys and the open-minded people. My room was located perfectly between showroom and city centre, so it was easy to reach every spot by bike or by foot. What fascinated me most about the city is the fact that something is always going on – regardless the weather or time of the day. The little streets literally invite you to stroll along, take a break in one of the countless cosy cafés and take a look at all those boutiques.

When the weather was nice I loved riding my bike along the canals and explore the markets, that way I was also able to improve my Dutch. And even when the weather is not so nice, Amsterdam with all its museums offers something for everyone’s taste.

My personal conclusion

I will always remember my time in Amsterdam as a very special experience. I not only enjoyed the close cooperation and the exchange with clients – I also fell in love with the city and will always be happy to return.