The MARC O’POLO Mountain Lodge – a great success

For more than a year the demand for the mountain lodge is high!

Photo Challenge_Steffi Barth 3

Planned as a six month test location, the mountain lodge is still available for the MARC O’POLO employees because of the high demand.   This extension is the result of an employee-bet with the financial director, Jürgen Hahn. Het bet, that the MARC O’POLO employees wouldn´t make it, within the first six months, to collect more than 250.000 metres in altitude together. For comparison: The path to the mountain lodge includes about 700 metres in altitude. Of course the employees didn´t need to be told twice and hiked and biked fully motivated regularly to the mountain lodge, to secure this extraordinary location for long-term.

Beside meetings, trainings and seminars special employee-events, like snowshoe hiking tours, midsummer fires, musikantenstadl and perseid-nights, take place at the mountain lodge. The MARC O’POLO Health Club organizes after-work-hikes to the mountain lodge periodically.

MARC O’POLO allows very special guests to access the mountain lodge as external visitors. The 33 participants of the next Generation Workshop, for example, were able to enjoy one evening at the mountain lodge with a relaxing atmosphere.

With an employee-photo-competition the most beautiful picture of the mountain lodge was searched and later exhibited in the headquarters.