Animal Welfare.

OUR COMMITMENT TO NATURE IS ALSO A COMMITMENT TO ANIMALS. Appropriate guidelines have been incorporated throughout the company.



The origin of the down and feathers used for the products of MARC O’POLO is checked by the independent institute IDFL (International Down & Feather Laboratory and Institute) through a Supply Chain Traceability Audit. With this measure, we aim to ensure for our products, that no animals are force-fed and that no down is obtained from living animals. Labeled MARC O’POLO down products are from a supply chain audited by the International Down & Feather Laboratory and Institute.

Leather and Fake-Fur


MARC O’POLO only uses leather from farm animals, e.g. beef, lamb or goat and renounces the use of exotic leather.

We also reject the use of real fur and have written a fur waiver to the FUR FREE Alliance, an international coalition of leading animal and environmental protection organizations. With this, we, as FUR FREE RETAILER, underline our longtime practice of renouncing the use of real fur.


MARC O’POLO does not use angora in its products.

Labelling of non-textile components

The European Regulation for labelling and marking textile products (EU) No. 1007/2011 requires, in addition to the identification of fibers, the identification of “non-textile components of animal origin” in products. Such components would include, for example, leather tags or labels, down filling and horn or mother-of-pearl buttons. Our relevant products are all labelled with this information.

If you would like to know more, please refer to our Sustainability Report.