DO School x MARC O’POLO Foundation announces its winners.

DO Camp of the MARC O’POLO foundation finished successfully. For five days the participants worked on their ideas.

And on February 17th the time had come for the 18 contestants to pitch their ideas to an audience who finally voted for three favourite concepts. After a neck-and-neck the first place was scored by Nina Hackenbroich, a 25 year old German student, who presented her idea of a customizable bra that takes the individuality of each and every body into account. With her concept Nina wants to develop an innovative and sustainable product that meets the problems caused by standard sizes. On second place, Simon Delmarre, 22 years old from France, introduced his vision of a shirt collection for men, created from recycled and organic materials with a “return-where-bought” idea regarding re-utilization. Finally, third place went to Rasha-Helena Whener, a 25 year old student from Germany, who pitched her idea about using more vegan and sustainable leather in athleisure and sports clothing.

The concepts of the participants ranged from ideas for networks in terms of sharing knowledge to innovative products. Examples included digital platforms, local development projects or customizable pieces of clothing. DO School coaches and experts supported the participants with their concepts and showed them helpful tools for the implementation.

The belief in sustainability and innovation is what drove young entrepreneurs from 20 countries to apply for the MARC O’POLO Foundations DO Camp. Eventually 15 women and three men, aged between 21 and 37 years, were invited to work on their ventures for five days at the DO School Campus in Berlin.

After one week the entrepreneurs gained many new techniques to make their ideas happen und are now able to make their first steps into starting their ventures. All contestants stand out due to their motivation for pioneering innovation and bold ideas in fashion – exactly like the founders of MARC O’POLO: Just like they did 50 years ago, the young entrepreneurs are now on their way to create something substantial.

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