Sustainable Products.

“Only the use of natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen and silk guarantees the modern, casual look for which MARC OʼPOLO stands. We use synthetic materials only if we have to.” – MARC O’POLO founders Rolf Lind, Göte Huss AND Jerry O’Sheets, 1967

MARC O’POLO Modern Organic Product

MARC O’POLO’s conventionally manufactured organic products consist of cotton, linen or wool fibers sourced from certified ecological farming. Their production strictly adheres to all internationally recognized directives for organic farming. Examples include EC regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 (EU) and USDA NOP (USA).


Rules for the cultivation and harvesting of natural fibers include the following:

  • No use of genetically modified seed
  • Use of crop rotation
  • No use of synthetic fertilizers
  • Biological methods of pest control
  • No use of defoliants during harvesting

For its Modern Organic Products, MARC O’POLO sources yarn from suppliers who have been certified in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or the Organic Content Standard (OCS).

Blue Dot Items

In the production of our denim collection, we have been able to reduce significantly our water consumption. Under the label Blue Dot Item, we market trousers, skirts and jackets produced with only five to ten liters of water in the washing procedure, as compared with an average of 100 liters for conventionally produced denim. The washing process itself consumes up to 60 percent less energy. Moreover, we largely avoid using chemicals and exclusively use 100-percent biodegradable agents in the washing of our Blue Dot Items.

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