Our Approach to Sustainability.

Economic success is a prerequisite for a company to survive in the market long-term. Sustainability for MARC O’POLO means connecting the success of our business with a commitment to environmental stewardship and social responsibility at each point along the value chain.


We are constantly developing our sustainability activities. Protecting the climate and environment are as much a part of this as promoting the well-being of our employees. We pay particular attention to ensuring that our production processes are ecologically and socially responsible.

Company Management

  • Values and principles
  • Quality and risk management
  • Stakeholder dialouge

MARC O’POLO’s success is based on a variety of factors, including the confidence of our employees, business partners and customers. Together, we intend to create lasting value. Compliant behavior, responsible company management and forward-looking economic actions are of crucial importance to us.

Products & Supply Chain

  • Code of Conduct (ecological and social standards)
  • Chemical Minimun Requirements
  • Evironmental and social standards for suppliers
  • Sustainable products

The textiles supply chain is complex, but together with our partners, we work to ensure that all stages are handled as responsibly as possible, from the procurement of raw materials to the processing and manufacture of the products to the packaging.


  • MARC O’POLO Foundation
  • University Cooperations
  • Corporate Volunteering

MARC O’POLO sees itself as a member of society and is actively committed to it in a variety of ways. In addition to a selected charity project at Christmas, MARC O’POLO supports numerous individual activities through donations in both cash and kind every year. In 2013, our employees refrained from holding our annual Christmas party in favor of donating the funds to a kindergarten damaged by flooding.


  • Ecofriendly Facility Management & Store Construction
  • Resource efficiency
  • Energy management
  • Energy politics

Environment fields of action correspond with the origin of sustainability. With respect to facility management, we have always opted for environmentally friendly solutions. An installed photovoltaic power system, unpaved parking lots at the headquarters in Stephanskirchen and a heat recovery ventilation system in one of the warehouses are just a few examples.
With the Energy Services Act (EDL-G), the federal government implemented the EU Efficiency Guidelines. Companies shall either introduce energy audits or an energy management system. MARC O’POLO chose the latter, as a holistically implemented system corresponds with our own ambitions. Our goal is to facilitate the efficient usage of resources together with defined measures and provide systematic evidence of all energy related aspects.


  • Education and training
  • Life-Balance
  • Diversity
  • Health management

Our employees represent the MARC O’POLO brand. In accordance with our corporate philosophy, we give our employees the freedom to live out the brand’s individual style, while at the same time actively supporting them – their success is also our success.

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