The MARC O’POLO Foundation and
Kinderkunsthaus Munich.

The MARC O’POLO Foundation supports creative Children.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, MARC O’POLO has invited international artists to interpret the characteristic O’ from its brand name in their own individual way. With no guidelines imposed, each artist left their own very personal signature on the letter-punctuation-mark combination, true to the MARC O’POLO brand philosophy: “Follow Your Nature”.

The exclusive O’ prints by names such as Herms Fritz, Jean Jullien and André Saraiva among others have been applied to the interior of the 5O’ Bag limited to precisely 1,967 pieces, which has been available in selected MARC O’POLO stores and the online shop from December 2016.

Right from the beginning, the O’ in the name has stood for individuality, originality, and liberty – the freedom to find your own path. This is exactly what the non-profit Kinderkunsthaus Munich (children’s arthouse) is all about. A place where the creative spirit, the freedom to experiment and try new things are lived and passed on.

Therefore, the MARC O’POLO Foundation congratulates on the anniversary with a donation of 10 euros per sold 5O’ Bag and supports the Kinderkunsthaus Munich with a total of 19,670 Euros. For a colorful future with the special twist – as expressed in the O’.

The Kinderkunsthaus Munich is an open art workshop for all generations, where children can experiment with traditional and modern techniques of art and creativity in a self-determined way. All children regardless of their social or financial background can participate in the program. For more information about the Kinderkunsthaus, visit the website: