The company MARC O’POLO is divided into various bodies, united under the umbrella of MARC O’POLO AG, with headquarters in Stephanskirchen, 70 kilometers south of Munich. MARC O’POLO AG is the parent company of its subsidiaries both domestically and abroad.

MARC O’POLO AG ist the parent company of MARC O’POLO License AG, MARC O’POLO Shoes GmbH,  MARC O’POLO Accessories GmbH, MARC O’POLO DENIM & CAMPUS GmbH and MARC O’POLO International GmbH. MARC O’POLO Einzelhandels GmbH, MARC O’POLO Hong Kong Limited, MARC O’POLO Shanghai Trading Co. Limited, the Swedish MARC O’POLO Retail AB and MARC O’POLO France SARL are subsidiaries of the MARC O’POLO International GmbH.

The head office of MARC O’POLO International GmbH, in Stephanskirchen, offers eight collections from the Modern Casual Premium segment for ten delivery periods per year, supplying 2,158 stores and trade partners. It also offers the collection line MARC O’POLO DENIM.

MARC O‘POLO employs a total of 1,780 employees from over 40 nations. (as of November, 2017)