Store Design.

At any time, franchisers can take advantage of MARC O’POLO’s up-to-date store design concept, in keeping with the brand image. The store design is complemented by carefully coordinated store materials.


Costs are calculated transparently, depending on the square meter amount of the sales area. Display elements, flooring, lighting, sound system, drywall construction, painting and electrical work and advertising display systems are included in the costs. Additional project-specific costs involved may include costs of renovation / refurbishment, ventilation, air-conditioning and sprinkler systems and other fire protection systems, facade works, sun blinds and stairs. In addition, calculations do not include costs of in-store visual merchandising materials (e.g. display busts, window design concepts, hangers, other decor items), trade marketing and PR.

Minimum sales floor for collection modules:

Collection Min. net sqm
Modern Casual Women 100 sqm
Modern Casual Men   70 sqm
Licences   20 sqm