MARC O’POLO Pure is a sophisticated evolution of the MARC O’POLO Casual womenswear collection.


The collection line’s original design language and usage of unusual materials gives the line a distinctive value. MARC O’POLO Pure extends our range in the Modern Premium Feminine segment with an exclusive statement and individual, unique pieces. MARC O’POLO Pure exists as a differentiated evolution next to our core brand.

Highest-quality materials and painstaking workmanship are also the core focus of the MARC O’POLO PURE main collection for spring/summer 2017, a new take on classic looks with two key themes entitled “New Way” and “Colourful”.

Denim, features big in “New Way” in the form of classic blue tones, while a range of green shades bring freshness to a line illuminated by splashes of red crush. With new and exclusive combinations, “Colourful” lives up to its name: Brown is the new black and playing off the dominant light colours such as linen and moccasin; shading comes from rich violetttones in combination with a summery hot pink.