Bruessel_DSC_0474With its birth many decades ago, the idea of franchising was thought of as revolutionary. Today it is looked upon as an unequivocal recipe for success. Thanks to the fast-paced and extensive growth of franchise networks, individual franchise partners can keep abreast of commercial consolidation processes despite their relentless nature and without having to take on large risks.

Franchising is a vertically cooperative and organized marketing and distribution system run by legally independent entrepreneurs. This system provides a unified response to market conditions and is distinguished by its division of labour, brought about through the service programs of its system partners, as well as by the system-wide managerial and control mechanisms in place. The service programs offered by a franchisor are known as the franchise package. The franchise package consists of service, marketing, and organizational concepts, as well as the permission to use protected brand names, the training of franchise holders and the assurance, and obligation of the franchisor to offer a constant source of active support and to continually develop the concept.

We can offer you a franchising system that is aimed at achieving a mutually beneficial goal: market success.