MARC O’POLO AG, with head office in Stephanskirchen, south of Munich, acts as the strategic and operational headquarters of the premium casual brand.

MARC O’POLO has been a privately owned company since 1967. Today, the majority shareholders of MARC O’POLO AG are Chairman of the Board Werner Böck and CEO Alexander Gedat. The chairmanship and management is lead through the executive board members and shareholders below. The operational management of MARC O’POLO AG is in the hands of Alexander Gedat, CEO, Jürgen Hahn, CFO, and Bernd Keller, COO.


Werner Böck, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Majority  Shareholder

Alexander Gedat, CEO – Chairman of the Executive Board

Jürgen Hahn, CFO – Chairman for Finances, Personnel and IT

Bernd Keller, COO – Chairman for Design, Licenses, Marketing and Production