Contemporary Denim. Young, self-confident, natural. Creative, independent. Unusual. Personality over perfection. The nature of MARC O’POLO DENIM.

The motto of MARC O’POLO DENIM’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection is «Crew Love«, a contemporary interpretation of «True Love« that celebrates the spirit of friendship and connectedness represented by one’s crew. Each crew is unique, of course — or «crewnique«, as the tape label appearing inside the products asserts — and quality time spent with our mates means more than status symbols or material possessions. Like the collection itself, the phrase «Crew Love« conveys confidence, self-assuredness and happiness, always with a twinkle in the eye.

A Scandinavian sensibility, clean and minimalistic, continues to define the collection this season, but in characteristic MARC O’POLO DENIM style, the cleanliness of the looks is broken by edgy destroys, unexpected contrasts — a bomber jacket over a jersey dress with ruffles, for example — and small but special details such as iconic red-lip embroidered brooches.

On the women’s side, jersey remains a big story this season, along with stripes and layering. Among the key colors for women are Scarab (navy), Essential Mélange (grey) and a range of reds.

On the men’s side, trousers get a new tapered shape this season, wide in the hips, narrow at the cuffs and cropped. Key colors for men echo those of women, with among others Mid-Blue, White and Grey Mélange as base colors and brilliant Blue Splash or Green as an accent.

Nineties stone-washed denim in classic salt-and-pepper Indigo, the fabric rigid yet soft, is the inspiration behind key denim pieces for F/W17.

For Fall/Winter 2017 MARC O’POLO DENIM continues to offer product themes that cut across all major product groups. With a twinkle in the eye, the unisex «Graphic Statement« theme explores new and unconventional positioning for graphics and typography, including placement on sleeves, shoulders, hoods and more.