Contemporary Denim. Young, self-confident, natural. Creative, independent. Unusual. Personality over perfection. The nature of MARC O’POLO DENIM.


2018 with a youthful, dynamic collection dedicated to exploring «New Perspectives«. Inside-out, upside-down or the other-way-around: A willingness to see things differently is the key to cool, colourful, playfully conceptual clothing for Her and Him. Street-art inspirations, innovative «remade« garment constructions and a creative mixing of materials set the tone.

The season’s overarching «New Perspectives« theme expresses itself in a variety of ways, from unexpected print placements (a mirrored inside-out neon print on a tee, for example) to the creative use of detailing (a V-shaped pleat on the back of a hoody) to surprising juxtapositions of fabrics (jersey and woven) and textures (the front and back sides of a sweat quality).

But the exploration of «New Perspectives« is perhaps most evident in the collection’s «Remade« theme, in which new garments and hybrid styles are created either out of preexisting pieces, by using leftover fabrics or by integrating recycled components, such as fabrics, yarns or buttons. First introduced in Fall/Winter 2017, the «Remade« theme continues to grow in importance this season, a clear demonstration of the youthful, open-minded contemporary approach to fashion that has become Denim’s trademark.