Follow Your Nature – These three words precisely embody that to which the founders of MARC O’POLO attached greatest importance: Natural materials and clothes for self-confident people with a strong personality.

One of MARC O’POLO’s core values is striking a balance between developing your personality and remaining true to yourself. Which is why, for spring/summer 2018, the premium casual brand is launching a strong new campaign concept presenting collection themes on a monthly basis: Story of the Month.

The end of 2017 also marked the end of the MARC O’POLO 50th anniversary year. As such, the spring/summer 2018 campaign represents the transition from the last half-century to the future, subtly referencing various moments and motifs of the past decades in a new, contemporary way. It’s a campaign anchored in the here and now – with the brand’s characteristic «twinkle in the eye«, of course.

The Photographer: Emma Tempest. The britin is known for her natural, atmospheric, sensitive visual style and has a talent for capturing just the right moment, however spontaneous, unplanned, amusing, or outright odd it may be.

The location: A farmstead surrounded by fields, gardens, allotments and blessed with both sunny spots and shady boughs.

The models: Hana Jirickova, a charming yet uncompromising natural beauty and Sven de Vries; dynamic and authentic with a refreshing spirit.

Tempest gave her protagonists space to do their own thing, with the result that the Stories of the Month are natural, authentic, and approachable; it’s about spontaneous moments featuring the brand’s casual looks.