Follow Your Nature – These three words precisely embody that to which the founders of MARC O’POLO attached greatest importance: Natural materials and clothes for self-confident people with a strong personality.

«Out of the moment« – Photographer Emma Tempest gives the new Stories of the Month series a warm, natural look – all with the classic MARC O’POLO «twinkle in the eye«.

One of MARC O’POLO’s core values is striking a balance between developing your personality and remaining true to yourself. Which is why, for spring/summer 2018, the premium casual brand is launching a strong new campaign concept presenting collection themes on a monthly basis: Story of the Month.

Interpreting and re-interpreting the mood of the collection, the series will visualise the season’s theme in various ways, with each story focussing on a different product category in order to present key areas of MARC O’POLO product expertise. The result will be monthly instalments which offer both thematic inspiration and product information.

The end of 2017 also marked the end of the MARC O’POLO 50th anniversary year. As such, the spring/summer 2018 campaign represents the transition from the last half-century to the future, subtly referencing various moments and motifs of the past decades in a new, contemporary way. It’s a campaign anchored in the here and now – with the brand’s characteristic «twinkle in the eye«, of course.

Shot on location at a farmstead surrounded by fields, gardens, allotments and blessed with both sunny spots and shady boughs, the campaign showcases a sustainable concept for a luxury refuge from modern life, a place where lunch is made from the morning’s harvest and where workaholic urbanites can take time to really unwind. It’s the definition of modern luxury.

The models are Hana Jirickova, a charming yet uncompromising natural beauty who will be familiar from the 2017 MARC O’POLO campaign, and Sven de Vries; having already appeared in a range of major publications for a variety of big-name labels, he enlivened the set with his dynamic authenticity and refreshing spirit.

British photographer Emma Tempest is known for her natural, atmospheric, sensitive visual style and has a talent for capturing just the right moment, however spontaneous, unplanned, amusing, or outright odd it may be.

In terms of the lighting concept, MARC O’POLO has stayed true to itself: nothing but daylight will do. Tempest gave her protagonists space to do their own thing, with the result that the Stories of the Month are natural, authentic, and approachable; it’s about spontaneous moments featuring the brand’s casual looks.

The series kicks off in January with The Cosy Look for women – natural, informal styles for a walk in the fields. In menswear, it’s The Athleisure Style – urban and taking its cue from retro design. In February, casual looks are The New Luxury. And summer will be coming early in 2018 – in March, as a matter of fact, with The Everyday Look for women and The Casual Club for men. It’s about glorious sun, about the joy of being outside, and about the freedom to have a great time. April follows with The Beach Edit and a range of holiday looks for the height of summer.

The new-look MARC O’POLO casual campaign style will be clearly visible in the Body & Beachwear and Junior collections this spring/summer 2018, too: bright, positive, natural, approachable, and «out of the moment« are the watchwords – as is the
perennial MARC O’POLO motto, Follow your nature.