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MARC O’POLO cares about its staff. We want our employees to feel good and enjoy their work. To MARC O’POLO, this is the key to success. That’s why we foster our employees’ passion and commitment to their tasks with a wide range of education and training courses, a multifaceted sport and health program, innovation management, corporate events and much more..


Arbeitswelten Working Environments

The MARC O’POLO Village is characterized by an open design, which shall encourag the exchange between each other. Therefore the teams, that work collaboratively are sitting close together. Additionally various meeting points offer the opportunity to meet personally. In particular during the summer several terraces invite meet outside. Furthermore we opened a new building in January 2016. Besides a photo studio it provides different works spaces in form of lounge areas, project rooms, work benches and meeting rooms with both writable and magnetic walls and touch screens.


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00_150714_MOP_Icons_HR_Intranet_50x50_3 Renumeration & Provision

MARC O’POLO offers an attractive salary with the possibility for enhancement through personal commitment. Remuneration is complemented by voluntary company benefits. Our employees can also effect a direct insurance or private pension plan together with the company and draw capital-forming benefits. One of our many benefits are staff purchases, which means that our employees can purchase our current MARC O’POLO collections from stock and in our stores under attractive conditions.

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00_150714_MOP_Icons_HR_Intranet_50x50_2 Home Office

In order to provide flexibility in the organizing of one’s working hours, MARC O’POLO offers trust-based working time to employees at our headquarters. They are able to independently organize their workday according to their tasks. Additionally, employees who work over 30 hours a week are able to work some of their hours from home, as long as their work can be fulfilled outside of headquarters. MARC O’POLO IT ensures flawless access to all necessary systems when working from a home office.

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00_150714_MOP_Icons_HR_Intranet_50x50_1 Boardinghouse

To help new colleagues, especially commuters or junior employees, get acquainted in Stephanskirchen we offer high-grade furnished apartments at reduced rental prices in the MARC O’POLO Boardinghouse. This residence is located in the center of Rosenheim, not far from headquarters. New employees in particular have the opportunity to make friends in a neighborhood of colleagues and quickly settle into their new environment.

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00_150714_MOP_Icons_HR_Intranet_50x50_5 Health Club

At MARC O’POLO, we hold our employees’ health and fitness very dear. The MARC O’POLO Health Club, together with external partners, offers a multifaceted program around physical and mental wellbeing. Our company sports facilities include joint training runs, self defence courses, fitness programs such as EMS, Body-Fit, Pilates and Yoga as well as team sports such as Amateur football and beachvolleyball. During the summer months our employees go hiking to the MARC O’POLO Mountain Lodge. The Health Club also offers expert lectures on topics such as balanced diet and mental strength. Relaxation massages and in-house training on nutrition are also available. Nationwide, MARC O’POLO offers its employees discounted memberships at various fitness studios and provides them daily with water, coffee and milk. In our canteen in Stephanskirchen, our employees are offered nutritious, balanced meals based on local bio-products every day.

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00_150714_MOP_Icons_HR_Intranet_50x50_5 Mountain Lodge

Since May of 2015, MARC O’POLO offers its employees a new and extraordinary location at 1,400 meters: the MARC O’POLO Mountain Lodge in Thierseetal in Tirol! The Mountain Lodge is at the disposal of our employees for active, creative and communicational purposes. It is perfectly suited for sporting activities, meetings and training sessions or for cosy evenings with colleagues in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Each employee can independently book the Mountain Lodge via Outlook.

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00_150714_MOP_Icons_HR_Intranet_50x50_7 Get-together

Corporate activities connect people, motivate them and facilitate the exchange of ideas. For this reason, MARC O’POLO cares a lot about regularly bringing together its employees for events and initiatives and to celebrate successes together. The year is normally concluded with a festive Christmas party. During the year, various cross-departmental events such as the summer party with fashion show, our family day or the group visit to Rosenheim’s autumn festival give our employees the opportunity to clink glasses.

In MARC O’POLO Retail, team evenings and Christmas parties allow for informal gatherings. In addition to regional Store Manager Meetings, we regularly invite our retail managers for meetings at MARC O’POLO Headquarters in order to encourage a nationwide exchange.

For more information and some impressions from current internal and external activities see Events.

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00_150714_MOP_Icons_HR_Intranet_50x50_6 Base

Stephanskirchen, located in the Upper Bavarian district of Rosenheim, offers a wide range of recreational activities, from cultural and culinary offerings to sport and wellness. This unique diversity is a decisive factor in the region’s high quality of life. The interplay of Bavarian warmth and friendliness with continual progress gives Rosenheim and its surroundings a special charm. And should you wish to enjoy the flair of a metropolis, you can reach Munich or Salzburg in less than an hour thanks to outstanding infrastructural connections.


Discover what our employees love about our location: Experiences.

For more information on living in and around Stephanskirchen visit Natural urban Lifestyle.

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