Internal Communication.

In accordance with our corporate philosophy, we see transparency and a continuous cross-departmental exchange of ideas as the foundation for a positive working atmosphere and a successful collaboration among our employees. For this reason, we work hard to ensure an open, internal communication that keeps our employees up to date with goings-on at MARC O’POLO.

Our main communication channel is our intranet, Inside MARC O’POLO. It offers all employees the possibility of reporting on interesting topics and events from within their field in the MARC O’POLO News section. The monthly CEO Update – coming directly from our CEO – provide an insight into the current topics of our management board. News relevant to HR, such as information on special internal events, is spread via HR Information on Inside MARC O’POLO.  Our employees can also share questions, suggestions and tips on the intranet.

During Happy Hour, our quarterly work meeting, both the Executive Board and our departments give information on crucial developments, novelties and goals from different company areas.

In addition, we regularly invite employees from different departments for a shared evening. During these Round Tables for MARC O’POLO Headquarters and retail, employees have the opportunity to exchange thoughts with the Executive Board on topics currently on their mind, from business development to personnel questions to new Projects.

Recently the internal communications channels were extended by the micropage Share with MARC O’POLO. This page provides the opportunity for all employees to anonymously adress company-related questions, suggestions, ideas and criticism directly to the executive board at any time.