TW Employer Survey Working in Fashion 2016

Siegel_TW-Studie_Working_in_Fashion_2016_PFADE_140pxSince 2009 the survey Working in Fashion, conducted by TextilWirtschaft (Deutscher Fachverlag), explores the attractiveness of employers in the Fashion industry. In all ten categories, the results of MARC O’POLO are above-average. The survey shows what employees and job applicants expect from employers in the fashion industry and how far these expectations are in fact met within the group of permanent employees in their Company.

In 2016 MARC O’POLO has been distinguished as one of the TOP employers of the fashion industry for the 7th time and took third place after Adidas and Hugo Boss.

The study tested several factors. MARC O’POLO’s best categories were Good Working Atmosphere, Work Life Balance and Social Responsibility.

The 3.400 participants of the online-survey also certify MARC O’POLO as an employer with good career opportunities, international work perspectives and a prosperous future. In addition more than 60% rate the products as attractive.

“We are very pleased with MARC O’POLO’s positive outcome in the TW study. It shows that our activities are bearing fruits internally as well as externally. Nonetheless we won’t rest; there are many planned activities for the next year, such as development of leadership competencies, talent relationship management and improvement of internal communication. We are convinced that a long-term positive image is only possible through the satisfaction of our employees,” Petra Tramp, Director Human Resources & Central Services MARC O’POLO International GmbH.


Fair Company

FairCompany_HSPraktikum_2016_4c.inddSince March of 2014, MARC O’POLO has been part of the Fair Company initiative. Companies joining this initiative pledge themselves to their responsibility in the professional world and give young academics fair chances as well as engaging working environments.

The aim of this initiative is the participating companies’ voluntary commitment to acknowledging the Fair Company rules and feedback system.

The initiators conduct telephone interviews with young talents after completing their internship at a Fair Company and ask about their experiences. Any company breaching the rules is shown the red card. For graduates, this initiative is thus a well-proven guide when searching for fair working conditions. Further information is available on the Fair Company Website.


Career Enhancing & Fair Trainee Programs

FairCompany_HSPraktikum_2016_4c.inddIn 2015 MARC O’POLO received the Trainee Distinction from the job market Absolventa for career-enhancement & fair trainee programs. The distinction is only awarded to companies professing high-grade trainee programs with corresponding programs of their own. The trainee programs of these distinguished companies offer graduates the foundation for a successful career. The basis of the distinction is the Charter Career Enhancing and Fair Trainee Programs. Further information is available on the Absolventa Website.


HR Excellence Award

In December of 2013, the specialist Magazine Human Resources Manager honored MARC O’POLO with the HR Excellence Award for its trainee Project Die Lange Nacht der Ausbildung (The long night of vocational training).

Die Lange Nacht der Ausbildung was a self-reliantly organized information event with around 200 pupils and others interested in everything one needs to know about the subject vocational training. The event took place at MARC O’POLO Headquarters in Stephanskirchen in July of 2013.

Annual trainee projects are part of MARC O’POLO’s sustainability strategy and are defined by the Executive Board. They serve to advance young employees’ project competence.

The HR Excellence Awards were created by the specialist magazine Human Resources Manager in 2012 to honor future-oriented and outstanding campaigns.