With our innovative MARC O’POLO Family program, we have been promoting our company’s family-friendly orientation since 2007, thereby contributing highly to our employees’ satisfaction. MARC O’POLO Family helps employees in our headquarters to find a work-life-balance. This begins with the engagement of parents during their parental leave: Invitations to company events or work meetings are a matter of course, as is the sending out of company news. We support parents who return to work with care programs during the holidays and home-office workplaces.

In retail, MARC O’POLO supports the re-entry of our employees after their parental leave with a childcare allowance. Furthermore, returning parents can individually design their working time model in cooperation with their superior.

In addition we cooporate with the pme family service to offer our employees a qualified support for all their questions concerning child- and eldercare and different circumstances. The benefits range from placing individual care solutions for children and elderly to consultation during crises as well as places in facilities for childcare and education.

With the Innovation Creativity Alliance Rosenheim (ICA) we have founded a broad initiative to enhance the varieties and synergies within this important subject by cooperating and sharing insights with local companies.