13. February 2017 | News on the DO Camp hosted by the MARC O’POLO Foundation

Starting now! From February 13th to February 17th, 2017 the 18 international entrepreneurs will define their social impact, develop and prototype a robust business model, create a project plan to define next steps under the guidance of experienced workshop facilitators and using peer-mentoring as an effective working tool. The Camp will end with a Pitch Night, […]

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28. October 2016 | „Everything, here and now“ – digitalization and digital trends.

Within our lecture series for employees we provided a talk on digitalization for 120 colleagues at MARC O’POLO Headquarters in Stephanskirchen on October 26th, 2016. Christoph Bornschein, one of the founders of the digital consultancy TLGG, explained how the increasing performance of processors used in every respect leads to a potentiation of the development in the […]

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8. September 2016 | MARC O’POLO welcomes the new apprentices.

In September 2016 altogether 38 apprentices and dual students started their education at MARC O’POLO.   23 of them chose the German retail, 15 chose apprenticeships or cooperative degree programs at the headquarters in Stephanskirchen in the following professions: IT System Engineer, Visual Merchandiser, Management Assistant in Wholesale & Export Trade Business, Textile & Fashion […]

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24. August 2016 | The MARC O’POLO Mountain Lodge – a great success

For more than a year the demand for the mountain lodge is high! Planned as a six month test location, the mountain lodge is still available for the MARC O’POLO employees because of the high demand.   This extension is the result of an employee-bet with the financial director, Jürgen Hahn. Het bet, that the MARC O’POLO employees wouldn´t […]

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